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+Kyle Heyne If you haven't seen this yet I assume you'd love it given your Tasker recommendation.

if this then that ( is a pretty slick way to build quick connections between web services. I put one together that adds newly Starred Reader items to Read it Later but just getting started :)

My Recipe:

+Linden Tibbets great work! Do you think there will be an API to allow developers to add their own Channels?
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I started setting this up but totally forgot to finish playing with it! Thanks! :-)
You don't need to be in a hotel for a wakeup call :)

Here's another one:

Gives you a wake up call based on calendar events that say "wake" (I changes to "wake up")

Here's the workflow in practice. Launch Voice Action on Android and say "Message Calendar Wake Up tomorrow at 630am"

I have a contact in my phone named Calendar and the number is GVENT (48368) So an event is put on my personal calendar using Quick Event. And ifttt calls me at that time.

SMS to event details here:
Google needs to buy ifttt and integrate with Google Voice Actions to compete with Siri. :-)
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