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Kyle Smith
How do we use technology?
How do we use technology?

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Shared Chrome OS device settings, downloads, and Google Drive

Device settings set to erase all local user data on sign-out

User settings set to Force Google Drive download location

User settings set to Enable Google Drive syncing

I have students in the above scenario who are receiving failed download errors when trying to download anything, whether it be a Google Doc converted to Word format or a PDF from a website.

Also, in the Chrome OS file manager "My Drive" is no longer listed.

What's going on? Does this have to do with profiles being limited in size because of the "erase all local user data" setting?

Google Cloud Print (GCP) question:

Anyone having issues printing a PDF with quite a few pages (ex. 61) or large in file size (ex. 12 MB)?

Have a user printing via GCP and it spits out the first couple pages, then spits out the same pages again and a few more, wash, rinse, repeat...

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Anybody else aware of the UI tweak to Drive this morning?

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Email spoofing is an increasing problem for us. I've been using DKIM since 2011. We're on a scheduled release track for our GAFE domain. Is there any kind of notice in the admin console when you're upgraded from 1024 to 2048 signing keys? I'd like to rollout this out ASAP.

+Kyle Beatty +Stephen Gale Either of you have experience with the new Apple School Manager and all the EDU-focused changes like Managed Apple IDs and Shared iPads? I've been pretty committed to GAFE and Chromebooks, but I've got a teacher who wants to rollout an iPad cart for her upper level math students. Just wondering if you've been through the transition process from VPP, DEP, etc. Thanks for any guidance.

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Would appreciate any admins out there starring this Chrome bug. Affecting Windows users using Cloud Print running the new Chrome 46 build.

Anyone have a rock-solid deployment of Google Cloud Print they would want to share? Been using Windows Server with Chrome installed, but find I have to reboot the server whenever Google updates Chrome. Looking at using the Lantronix device for Google Cloud Print.

Anyone have any sample templates they wouldn't mind sharing containing acceptable use policies for GAFE use with students? Prepping a rollout soon and what to make sure parents and students are aware of the expections. Did you guys make your parents of students sign and return any forms before onboarding the kids into Google Apps? Are there different requirements for different ages? Thanks.

Our Google Apps for Edu domain is using Google+ among our teachers. Recently I've noticed people within our domain I'd had place in multiple circles many months ago are now no longer in those circles. When I attempt to re-add them to the same circles I get a red error "Error adding members to circle." I've tried to find a solution to the problem (which seems common upon searching) but have found no resolutions.

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So. Incredibly. Excited.
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