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Finally finished the code for my web thermostat
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I would be interested to see your process control code - what kind of hysteresis values you used and why, etc.
Very nice.  Would you have any interest in making a Pi port of the Android Thermostat application? (  The server code is Java and should be very easy to port to the Pi.  It would give the thermostat logging capability and a web and Android interface.
+Bob Hartwig i just added .1 to the set temp and just round everything else to an integer.
Great work Kyle: thanks for sharing!

Can this software work if I have a simple dallas 1-wire and a relay?

Which kind of relay you suggest for this kind of work?

Does a wireless relay exist?
It uses a dallas 1wire thermometer and is setting gpio 18 high and low the code is set up that it also needs a i2c 4line display but that can always be commented out  
Thank you for your kind help...

What kind of relay did you use?

Is it wireless?
the relay is just a normal 5 lead on a pcb with a wiring block transistor and headers, just dont have it wired to the thermostat yet.
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