How would you respond to these bold statements Joel Osteen makes? "90% of Americans are christian" "Mormons are brothers in Christ" "As long as they say they are then they are Christians" "I believe in the sincerity of my heart when they say they are they must be". This are all UNBIBLICAL statements and heretical. How many times does Jesus say we know them by there fruit. If I said I was a car because I sat in a garage and made vroom sounds and tried to go fast like a car would I be a car? No. We can not see a persons heart but so many times in scripture we see the outward and can judge them by there fruits. (1 Corinthians 6, Mathew 7, Luke 6) You do not think you are better but you show them the truth after you have measured YOURSELF according to the truth! If Jesus made bold statements and claimed to be God either He was a maniac or was telling the truth and He proved His deity all throughout scripture so that must mean we have to follow His whole word and not just some of it!
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