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Kyle Monson
Equal parts journalist, adman, and startup founder. I run the NYC office of Knock Twice. I also play in some bands.
Equal parts journalist, adman, and startup founder. I run the NYC office of Knock Twice. I also play in some bands.

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This is going to be a fun one! #makercamp  heads to the +The White House! 
Join us for an amazing virtual field trip to +The White House Kitchen Gardens! From the buzzing beehives to the colorful vegetables, White House Executive Chef, Cristeta Comerford, will show you what it takes to make the Presidential garden grow! Plus learn how you can create your very own garden in your school or community!

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In ONE HOUR, #makercamp heads to Sweden for a virtual chat with Minecraft developer +Jens Bergensten. Watch it on +Make:'s Google+ page!

(bonus spoiler: we're going to +Disney and +LEGO on Friday...)  

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In 10 minutes, #makercamp broadcasts live from Cartoon Network! Excited to find out how Adventure Time gets made... 
Screeee: It's Adventure Time!

Tomorrow we go behind the scenes, live at the +Cartoon Network, to meet the geniuses behind Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, and Steven Universe and to discover what it takes to create a cartoon series. Meet the voices behind Mordecai and Uncle Grandpa and so much more. You entirely, completely, and absolutely do not want to miss this!

You can watch the #makercamp Hangout on the event page, on our Google+ page (, or on our YouTube channel (  

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Love this project! Think it'll work with my Razor scooter? 

We think you’re really going to take a shine to today’s project, the Glow Bike. With some EL wire and bit of creativity, you’ll turn your two-wheeler into a scene-stealer!

EL Wire (or electroluminescent wire if you’re feeling fancy) is a thin copper wire that’s been coated in a luminescent substance that glows when alternating current is applied to it, producing a 360 degree line of visible light. It can be used in clothes, toys and, oh yeah, on really cool bikes too.

Here’s what you’ll need:
- EL Wire Starter Pack, 25' 
- Batteries, AA (2)
- Clear, high-strength adhesive tape, such as hockey tape
- Soldering iron and solder
- Heat gun
- Shoe Goo or Rubber Cement

You’ll find step-by-step instructions in the photos below.

You’re going to be doing some soldering, which isn’t difficult, and is an important maker skill. Soldering involves melting metal and using it like glue to create a strong bond when it cools and solidifies. If you’ve never done it before, ask an adult for help, check out this introductory lesson:, and be sure to watch today’s Hangout where our #makercamp  counselors will walk you through the basics.

When you’ve finished getting your glow on, show off pictures of your sparkling ride with the #makercamp  hashtag!

Then get ready for today’s live Hangout at 2pm Eastern  / 11am Pacific.  Pro cyclist +Austin Horse will be dropping in to chat about racing at breakneck speeds and being on the road with his nifty mobile bike shop. 

You can watch the Hangout on the event page, on our Google+ page (, or on our YouTube channel ( 
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5 days left! 
High-five campers! Only 5 days left till we kick off the world’s best online summer camp! We can hardly wait! #makercamp  
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Who's ready for another summer of #makercamp?? Coming soon! 
We’re getting ready to launch the third summer of Maker Camp, a free online summer camp for building, tinkering, and exploring. Brought to you by the folks at Make and +Google+, Maker Camp is available online and in your neighborhood. To learn more, visit us at!
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Yay Maker Faire! Come by the Maker Camp booth to grab a t-shirt and build cool projects! 

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Maker Camp booth at #MakerFaire. Come get a t-shirt, and follow +MAKE to be part of #makercamp this summer!

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Just launched The Dejargonizer, a Chrome extension that turns marketing mumbo jumbo into plain English. Check it out! 

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No better validation for qCraft than a thank-you note from a dad for teaching his 9-year-old about quantum physics.
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