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Kyle Marquardt

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Announcing my Horse photography workshop!

It’s one day of on location shooting in a perfectly western setting, then another day of critique and equine specific photo editing!

Everyone knows how to be an encouraging and uplifting photographer to bolster the confidence of their model, but what if your model is a horse? Horses can often be afraid of the photographer and all the equipment brought with them which can result in an unenthusiastic horse and lackluster photos.

Through a number of various orchestrated photo opportunities I will show you how to put the horse and rider at ease to create the best horse photos in the west. We will create a studio in an arena with lighting to create a beautiful “on black” portrait look, action shots with a galloping rider, epic stills of a horse in the field and more.

This is a photography workshop that will teach you how to capture the wide range of personality and excitement that comes with western horse photography. Taking place in an idyllic western setting. The O'Reilly ranch and arena has big Alberta skies, roaming horses and everything you would expect in this true life working ranch.

More info here:

#equinephotography   #equine   #western   #horses   #workshops  
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Kyle Marquardt

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One of the photos I took while we were filming and testing out the Sony A7 Mark II in a cold day in Calgary with +TheCameraStoreTV. It really shows off the high dynamic range of these new cameras by capturing the sun and Jordan in shadow filming in one exposure. Making HDR merely a feature of single photographs instead of a technique I would employ. 

See the full video here:

#sony   #a7II   #a7  
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I'll see if I can get my hands on it
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Kyle Marquardt

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I tested out the Sony A7 Mark II With +TheCameraStoreTV. It's a pretty interesting little camera with surprising image quality! We really take it for a spin on a very cold winter day. Check it out if you want to see what direction photography is moving in!
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+Evi Tthought Ok, well that's good.
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Kyle Marquardt

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Zambia Photo Safaris 2015

Come join me on Safari! I've got my itineraries up for my African Safaris next year and I absolutely can't wait! We only have space for maximum 6 people, I'm so happy to be doing something so personal, it gives me so much more breathing room and time to help guide people in taking the best photos they can.

If you like this, or know anyone who would, please share!
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You have an amazing techinque of capturing this stunning imagine. Feels like i am their. Looking forward to seeing more pics. 
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Kyle Marquardt

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This SLR is hooked directly to twitter, posting random things whenever the shutter is clicked, cool!
The latest from Nifty 50 (@nfty50live). I'm an SLR camera shooting live to twitter untouched and automatically; I'm usually wearing a nifty 50 lens. Earth
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Hello how are you? I dont hear from you
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Kyle Marquardt

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Golden ducks of the morning
Muskwa-Kechika B.C. Canada, taken on horseback expedition, find out more about my expeditions at

These beautiful ducks were teasing me when I woke up at 5:00 am in hopes of photographing something in the splendid morning light. I could see expanding rings of ripples emanating from these boat-like creatures from the edge of the lake, if only I could get closer to see them. I set foot to intercept them given the direction they were heading, planning to have them sail by me on the shore. But they were weary of me, and drifted slowly away from me. 

I positioned the camera as close as I could to the waters surface, handheld to get the perspective I wanted: a duck's eye view. Snapping off a few photos I figured I had nothing to lose, maybe if I throw a stick in the direction the ducks were going they would veer away and perhaps come closer. But what they actually did surprised me.


They went towards the splash that my violently careening stick made in the still lake, piercing the morning calmness like a shattered mirror. What!? I threw another one close to me, and sure enough these brazen ducks wiggled their way towards me, as their unseen feet paddled them closer under the water. I decided not to tempt fate any further and let the morning calmness resume. The ducks and I eyed each other for a while until we both carried on our morning business, them with their aqua-stroll and me with my camera.

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Perfect shot. Thanks for sharing +Kyle Marquardt
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Kyle Marquardt

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I went to Canmore Alberta and I tested out an interesting wide angle lens: the Tamron 15-30 f2.8 VC and was really surprised by the performance. The camera store TV and I collaborated on this video, check it out!
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Kyle Marquardt

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Published in National Geographic Travel Spain

Would you look at that! So much blue, I'm very proud my photo was a part of the Antarctica Edition of Viajes National Geographic!
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Kyle Marquardt

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African Wildlife Photography Seminar
Calgary, Alberta Canada, November 18th 2014

Hey guys! I'm super excited about my photography seminar next week with +The Camera Store. I'll be talking about my most favourite stories of wildlife encounters and photography techniques while I was in east Africa. I really like energizing other photographers and had a pretty fantastic time last time I did this. If you know of anyone who lives in Calgary who would like to come to something like this, please share, there are a few spots left!

 P.S. The photo below is real and elephants are the most incredible creatures to watch, I'll go into detail on this photo and more in my talk!

You can find out more here:
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Stunning beauty of the scene captured. 
Awesome light.  +Kyle Marquardt 
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Kyle Marquardt

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Adobe products on a slim and portable beautiful machine like a chromebook? I'll be first on board for that!
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Nice . ---Dan.
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Kyle Marquardt

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It's disturbing how good my dad is sometimes, I look at his work and I usually think "That's exactly how I'd shoot that"
Here's a view of the back of Mount James Walker, looking up Headwall creek on a July 25th hike with +Rob Patterson Yes, that is fresh snow!

For +Mountain Monday with +Michael Russell  #mountainmonday  
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It looks amazing :)
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Kyle Marquardt

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Rachel and Cassiar
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We had a fantastic photo shoot this morning with Rachel of R.G Equine Therapy. Incredible morning light and sky east of Calgary. Cassiar the horse was so eager to please it made everything such a breeze! ...And I'm a poet and didn't know it!

As a side note, I've noticed sometimes on facebook there is a bit more interesting discussion. People seem to be  a bit more inquisitive there, so I thought I'd forward you a link where we talk about the lighting in this photo here:

#equinephotography   #horses   #photography   #strobist  
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Full-time Professional Photographer, Adventurer and Human.

I'm a full time professional commercial, wildlife and adventure photographer. I'm a lover of life, the outdoors and most of all, fun!

Photography became a passport to new places when I took on the role of a photography guide and assistant expedition leader; escorting camera enthusiasts and photographers alike to the Arctic, Antarctic and Africa (apparently anywhere that starts with an "A") where some of the most stunning landscapes and wildlife exist. I enjoy teaching my techniques to anyone looking to excel their photography skills. Some artists might think they have a secret process but I believe there are no real secrets and love watching how other photographers work. 

Drawing inspiration from my lifestyle: hiking, snowshoeing, ski-touring, kayaking, scuba diving, rock climbing, various equine activities, biking, and anything outdoors has made my photography very diverse. This has been a strong influence on my commercial, industrial, wildlife, landscape and food photography.

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Spent three years in the Arctic and Antarctic, completing over 90 photo expeditions on every continent except Australia.
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