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Just in case anyone reading tried to find the chain docs and ended up no where, take a look at this changlog:

The relevant bits are: 

"...Future interface greatly changed. Most importantly:
"chain" and “transform” combined into "then" by checking whether the return value of the handler is a Future. 

Future is now purely asynchronous - you can't read a value or exception directly from the future, but must register an event handler to receive it at a later time.
To fix existing uses of Future: Change "chain" to "then". Always register a "then" or "catchError" handler immediately when you receive a future, or you might not catch an error in time. "

+SethLadd: Thanks for all the awesome work you're doing in Dart land! I know others as well as myself have found your posts/book/mailing list contributions invaluable in reducing the time it takes to get up to speed on such a new and fast moving ecosystem (relative to other projects with the same massive scope). Keep up the great work!

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Yoga By Equinox

I need to put down the weights and start doing yoga.

Just added/invited all my Facebook friends. To do the same, create a Yahoo account if you don't already have one and import all your Facebook contacts. Then, you can import all your Yahoo contacts here.

I'm waiting patiently for all the Facebook friends I care about to migrate over. Should only take about two years..

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Fantastic read. A little long, but it's worth it.

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Amazing book. I've made a LOT more strength progress in just a couple weeks on this than I would thought.

If nothing else, it's great stuff if you don't have access to a gym or don't feel like going.
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