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Taking a vacation January 14-18. Where to go? Leaning toward Florida for obvious reasons.

This day is just an excuse for me to sit around, drink, & watch Die Hard & Home Alone 1/2 all day. #holidaytradition

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New and improved is now live. Go check it out and share with friends!

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Check out my latest blog post ft. Seth Landerfelt.

I use to have +Judson Gourley as a friend... Then I beat the hell out of him both times we played in Fantasy Football this season. Now he won't answer my phone calls. Lesson? Winners have no friends.

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The world lost a great person today in Jodi Swiney. My condolences to her family and dearest friends. Two shots from our first shoot together.

Open for a shoot tomorrow. Hit me up asap if interested. 205.566.7971

Officially taking Google+ off as my homepage and giving it back to Facebook... You had so much promise Google+... So much promise.

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New blog featuring photos from today of Jodi Swiney. Check it out!
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