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Kyle Jensen
gamer, network/pc technician, nerd.
gamer, network/pc technician, nerd.


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This is the most mindblowingly ridiculous thing I've seen a multi-million dollar company do in a long time.

Groupon is trying to muscle their way into the GNOME trademark. GNOME has been around for 17 years and was/is the go-to desktop manager for GNU/Linux for quite a bit of consumers and distributions. I use it on all my GNU/Linux systems that require a GUI.

This is an affront to GNOME, and an affront to FOSS everywhere. Groupon thinks just because GNOME is an open source foundation with little to no money for fighting in courts that it can trample all over its trademarks. I hope EFF and FSF help take action.

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This looks utterly amazing.
==== Frontiers! ====

Have you heard of Frontiers? To water it down, I'd say it's like Skyrim mated with Minecraft and is made by just ONE guy. He wants to alleviate that by having there be more people on his team, and adding multiplayer and world-creation tools. Please pass this around, and if you can spare $15 you'll get the game.

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Pay what you want for an indie top-down Doom-esque shooter.

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What did you do to my stream, +Acadia Einstein 

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Google's Larry Page on alleged PRISM, government backdoors, and transparency. Best company blog post title ever.

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Hah... Wow, no wonder Microsoft is making a shitty decision with their new Xbox. They literally think that gamers will buy anything they put forth. Literally, not figuratively. They think just because it is, in fact, a gaming system, it will sell out. Yeah. Because those Wii U sales were astounding, right?

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NSA spying timeline, courtesy of EFF.

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New NIN album this year after a HTDA album earlier this year? Trent is one busy boy. Can't wait.
He tried to quit making music -- and he Came Back Haunted :)


The new free-to-play D&D based MMO from Perfect World Entertainment is scheduled to come out of Open Beta status June 20th, and with it, a huge balancing patch and end game content.

We are pleased to announce that Neverwinter, the most anticipated action MMORPG of 2013, will be transitioning out of Open Beta on June 20th!

The live launch of Neverwinter includes the release of Gauntlgrym, an end-game area that combines PvE, PvP and dungeon delving into one epic gameplay experience. In addition to that new content, we have listened closely to player feedback from Open Beta and will be implementing hundreds of balance changes, bug fixes and suggestions into our launch game.

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