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0.2.0 changelog (currently rolling out):

- Parties!

To form a party, you simply click "create a party" from the new Party menu. Anyone that joins you must be within 200 meters of you to join (this is to encourage you to play together). If anyone enters combat, everyone will enter combat. The level of the monster you fight is determined by the person who entered the fight, so keep that in mind!

You will get a 12.5% XP bonus per person in your party (to encourage team play). You get no xp, gold, or items if you're dead at the end of combat. If you're too high-leveled (5+ levels higher than the monster) compared to the monster you're fighting, it's possible to get no experience for the fight. Conversely, if you're lower-level (up to 5 levels lower), you can get up to 200% XP. If you're 5+ levels below the monsters level, you will still only get 200% XP.

I'm sure there are a ton of bugs with this, please let me know what you find!
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