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0.3.0 changelog

Lots of big stuff this week! Here's the full list:

- shops have been added; you can now buy 3 items from shops (these are some of the yellow dots)
- treasure chests have been added; you can now loot one item for free from treasure chests (these are yellow dots)
- dungeon chests/dungeons have been added; these are treasure chests with guaranteed above-average loot that have monsters around them. the monsters have to be killed before you can loot the chest!

Also, some dungeons can have certain types of monsters spawn around them. Currently there are:

- Plains (currently Gophers spawn here + some higher level hobgoblins)
- Temple (currently Cultists spawn here)
- Cave (most monsters spawn here, + Zoobats (a new monster))
- Tower (currently only Zoobats spawn here)
- Fortress (currently Guardians spawn here)

What do you think would fit here? I would love to add more variety in the monsters!
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