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I defend against a #zergrush on Google Search.

I took down 417 zerglings, 98 hydralisks, 53 mutalisks, 13 ultralisks, and 8 Kerrigans.
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Well first there were o's and then some l's, pretty soon the e's. Then I had to fend off the big G's and with 5,128 APM I had my hands full.
If you press a+z+p all with your left had you cast "Psy Storm" which helps a lot.
I didn't see any B's or S's. Hmmm...Are you in the beta for v0.2 of #zergrush ?
Lol, that's not what he meant. But if we're going to get technical you didn't explain how you got rid of the K's :) (Being you took out 8 of them)
Or something "ordinary" breakfast at Tffany's?
The Kerrigans were really hard to beat. I was down to my last search result.
I'm sure Colonel Custer would be proud.
When you are in the zerg rush screen, type in "Power Overwhelming" and you'll see.
damn that's awesome, you posted it publicly right?
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