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I defend against a #zergrush on Google Search.

I took down 417 zerglings, 98 hydralisks, 53 mutalisks, 13 ultralisks, and 8 Kerrigans.
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Well first there were o's and then some l's, pretty soon the e's. Then I had to fend off the big G's and with 5,128 APM I had my hands full.
If you press a+z+p all with your left had you cast "Psy Storm" which helps a lot.
I didn't see any B's or S's. Hmmm...Are you in the beta for v0.2 of #zergrush ?
Lol, that's not what he meant. But if we're going to get technical you didn't explain how you got rid of the K's :) (Being you took out 8 of them)
Look if you have done six impossible things thgis morning, why not round it out with breakfast at Milliways?
Or something "ordinary" breakfast at Tffany's?
I would rather watch the universe explode with my meal.
The Kerrigans were really hard to beat. I was down to my last search result.
ok go to search preferences, turn off Google instant and make results per page = 100 :)
I'm sure Colonel Custer would be proud.
When you are in the zerg rush screen, type in "Power Overwhelming" and you'll see.
damn that's awesome, you posted it publicly right?
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