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LGG3 D851. My native WiFi tether is reaching the T-Mobile limit. Any others experiencing this? 

Is there any way to stop LocalCast from looping to the beginning of the queue after the last item is played? 

How do I get my profile picture to appear in my notification shade? I've re-added my Google account but it still won't show. 

Nightfall. Lvl 32 warlock. Xbox 360. GT: Heatwave20. Let's do this 

Looking for 2 for the weekly nightfall.

Xbox 360 

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If you grew up in the 90's, you will appreciate this!! 

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I'm a sucker for a Internet wormhole lol
no....never...nope... not me.... well, maybe a bit.  yeah, a bit....

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Watch this now.....with a quickness. 

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When I see any news that doesn't contain the announcement of Android L or any Nexus devices, I'm all like ...
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