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I can see where finding people that aren't on + might be a problem . . . it recommended 600 people to me . . .

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Welcome to Google Plus, newcomers.
* +1 is the same thing as like.
* You can tag people in posts just like Facebook
* Someone adding you to a circle does NOT mean you've added them.
* When you post something, you control which circles see it.
* Download the Google+ app, and use huddle
* If you've got a good internet connection, try using the hangout feature.
* Please send feedback! You have been selected as field testers, and we need your help to polish this product.
* Feel free to share this post to welcome others to Google Plus :) Enjoy

"There was a problem updating your comment. Please try again." Ugh

Ooh, so I can send this to anyone, or I can send it to everyone, OR I can make this public? Let's make this public. Oh yeah.
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