Watch this video. This will be cool tomorrow +Zach Cowan
While +Google+ and hangouts can be used for a number of things, I'm all about using it to cultivate community.

To that end, this Thursday afternoon (tomorrow April 26th) at 1:00pm (PST), I'll be hosting a Guitar-centric Hangout On Air and I would love to include you!

This is about connecting a community of both players and lovers of the guitar. We'll focus on learning and sharing of music. We'll trade some of our favorite guitar tips and explore ways of getting the best guitar sounds into hangouts.

Joining me will be Google's +Zach Cowan, +Traveling Guitar Foundation and +Alicia Keys' touring guitarist +Damon Marks, rockstar +Matt Gibson and some surprise guests.

This hangout is for everyone. Want to join us? It's easy: Leave a comment here and I'll send you an invite!

If time zones mess you up too: here's a handy conversion tool for you:
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