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So, Big Bang Theory is cleared the best show on television these days. Right? Wrong? Discuss!
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Amazing is a significant understatement but that is probably a good idea (watching from the beginning). I don't think it is on Netflix or iTunes but you can buy the seasons.
I LOVE BBT. They just got picked up for FIVE more seasons!
YES! I hadn't heard that yet but I couldn't be more excited. I don't buy seasons of TV shows but I might make an exception for this show. How was Firefly btw?
AWESOME. I'm pretty hooked. It's like a space western. I'm thru 4 of the 14 episodes. Watching ti made me want to start watching BSG again and play Mass Effect!
It has stood up to the test of time pretty well also, which is saying a lot. Glad you are enjoying it. :)
Nathan Fillion is a BA. Really starting to like his character. The 1st episode was kinda dull till the end, but since then it's been good
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