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How do you know what you think you know? My latest blog on the Sustainable Industries Magazine web site...
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Thank you for your comments, Simon; I do plan to respond when I have a little time!
Following up, as promised. I certainly agree with your call to action. A barrel of oil is an incredibly energy-dense and, at least until now, cheap way to get around 10,000 labor hours of work. Two thirds of it may still be in the ground, but most experts believe only another third is recoverable at all, and that at tremendous cost to our economic and environmental health. We need to "Reinvent Fire," as Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute wisely advise. But as a doctoral student studying climate change, I must respectfully disagree that climate change is being driven by non-anthropogenic causes. For an excellent overview with links to peer-reviewed publications, see Speaking personally, one of my professors at UAB ( has visited Antarctica many times and studied some of the cores you mention. They are what made him a "believer," not a skeptic.
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