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This is just depressing and ...wrong.

Caution: May contain spoilers.
The good news? The Hunger Games made $155 million at the box office its opening weekend, making it the third-best debut in North American box office history.
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Must be the NASCAR watching inbreds who are disappointed.
I guess I never thought of it that way, +Samantha Jackson. Are you saying that lower socioeconomic whites are more prone to keep up their racism because of this perceived notion that black racism is accepted? I don't think is a stretch for any reasonable person to think as well.
i.e. white trash is never going to be as 'enlightened'
Wow, that was the one thing they got right with the casting from what I've seen so far. I don't know what to say. I'll try to wait until I watch the movie before commenting further.
Wow. This is horrifying.
Racists gonna racist.

"Black Heimdall" ring any bells? Yeah, skinheads were all over that one too.
That's just horrible! I honestly was happy to see that Kravitz was going to play Cinna because I pictured him exactly like that! It's one of only two times that the actor on screen matched the character in my head [the other was Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (American version)]. As for Rue and the other District 11 guy, to me it was obvious that they would be black. I think the actor for Rue is ten times cuter than I imagined her to by and she really almost made me tear up.
+Samantha Jackson are you serious? We are talking about a movie not a political/economic agenda!
The tweets are insensitive that white peoples imagination cannot picture a American of African/Asian/Indian descent into the post apocalyptic era, as a hero or characters to gravitate to, unless Hollywood tells you Staring Denzel or Don Cheadel??!! I could grade every tweet and dismiss each for a lack of maturity but that would be too easy and give passes to the widespread American Attitude of nepotism. We should challenge our friends and circles in this prejudice behaviour and become unique. No the same ole same ole. One.

seams a bit like news bullying, silly as there comments maybe its still there right to be mad and I'm sure the two black actors will cry them self to the bank; because the movie was amazing and will only see more sales
I LOve the Hunger games! Rue was soooooo cute I was crying like crazy> I think the guy next to me hated that I was sooooo loud lol!
Message to screen writers:
I would love to tell you why your film wasn't any good but in the same way you didn't go into any detail, I won't either.
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