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Kyla Myers

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I began my work life in England where I had 30 days leave a year plus personal days plus bank holidays. People planned their holidays months in advance and paid for them throughout the year and went away to lovely places. For the first several years we had a bar in our canteen. Until American business practices shut it down and we had to toddle off to the pub which was far more dangerous and involved crossing a major intersection. Heh.

When you left for holiday no one pitched a fit or acted like the world might come to a halt. The philosophy was that if you died they'd figure it out and why should holidays be any different. 

When I got my first job in the US and they told me I'd have 10 days holiday, I laughed. I honestly thought they were joking.

Pregnancy leave is so much better I can't begin to tell you!
  From VOX I was halfway through a job interview when I realized I was wrinkling my nose. I couldn't help myself. A full-time freelance position with a long commute, no benefits, and a quarter...
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Sadly I think it's normal.
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Kyla Myers

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I'd be so excited to find any one of these amazing little creations!
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The Adipose!! <3 <3
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Kyla Myers

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We had the chef's tasting menu a local Italian restaurant for my nephew's 17th birthday tonight. It was pretty good but +Capin Chip and I agree that Italy really spoiled us for gnocchi anywhere else.
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Problem with a lot of higher-end restaurants is their tendency to do "inspired by" dishes. You can find some really good (name your country/ethnicity) food at long-lived hole-in-the-wall places that compete with the "real" stuff quite well. It's just that, when you "gourmet" the food, it often loses that special something that "inspired" the chef in the first place.

One of my biggest complaints about most of the restaurants in DC is that so many of them are "inspired by" certain cuisines. WHile the food is quite (objectively) good, it's also just not quite right.
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Kyla Myers

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I had a busy weekend running a second fundraiser for our annual cake show. I manned the Spin Art cookie booth. Jennifer popped out and said, "I knew you were running the booth because all the cookies sparkle!" I'm the only one who pulls out the edible glitter apparently. Muahaha.
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Kyla Myers

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“Even in the darkest hours of Texas’ history of discrimination, officials never denied birth certificates to Hispanic children of immigrants.” Texas appears to only care about 2 Amendments in the Constitution. This is beyond shameful."
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It's nice to know that it's not just Americans that misunderstand the powers of the Executive branch...
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Kyla Myers

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Each year my cake club presents a "Heart of the Club" award for outstanding service. I'm particularly pleased that this year's award goes out to my very dear and very loyal friend, +Kimberly Chapman. This award is voted on by the full club membership and Kimberly very much deserves it. Even after moving across the pond she continues to contribute to our success!

Thank you, +Kimberly Chapman! Mwah!

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Awwwww Congratulations +Kimberly Chapman !!!!!!
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Kyla Myers

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Not that FOX news viewers will watch this or care.
Support more videos like this at Sorta transcript: Planned Parenthood is in the news a lot these days thanks to a maliciously edited video making it look like they ...
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Oh I am blocked too, no idea why +Isolde Eleison​. That was before this post. There are a lot of weak people out there that can't have a discussion with anyone other than themselves.
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Kyla Myers

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I'm just going to leave this here....
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Kyla Myers

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I think these are just adorable and I'm thinking of doing the whoopie pie version for my next fundraiser. Haniela has a ton of great cookie tutorials. Check her out!
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+Kyla Myers Thank you Kyla, they sure will be a great hit at the fundraiser! I love making fun Whoopie Pies!
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Kyla Myers

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It's like bacon porn (the music isn't helping)
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Kyla Myers

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I know a few of you might appreciate this...

Purchase here:
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Funny +Kyla Myers​, I was just talking to someone that as soon as I get in my new apartment, I intend to start writing about some of these crazy ass dreams I have, total recollection (if you try to remember within first five minutes of being awake ) , and vivid . Going to take a few classes . Love this post.!!
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Kyla Myers

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Uh oh, they've figured out my plan...
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You will notice I NEVER eat the cupcakes I bake +Michelle C, haha. Which reminds me, should I bake cupcakes for Thursday? 
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I'm a cake artist & President of Capital Confectioners of Austin, Tx
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I am silly, fun-loving and tactile. I wear glasses. I have freckles across the back of my shoulders.

I am stubborn, loyal and creative. I like Monty Python.

I am a geek, a traveler, a food snob, a reader, a woman, a child, a lover and a gamer.

I love to travel. I love to stay at home. I am ambitious, I am a dreamer, I am a visionary, I am lazy, I am unmotivated. I want to live off of the land and be wholly self-sufficient, and yet...I love technology.

I can't refuse chocolate. I want to be thin and healthy but I don't need to be a Barbie doll.

I am sarcastic, witty and I like puns.

I love to read. I read sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, classic literature, suspense, biographies, poetry, satire, editorials, and anything else that catches my eye, including the back of the cereal box.

I love music.  I was raised on musicals, classical and Queen. Some favorites include Warren Zevon, Robert Earl Keene, King Crimson, XTC just to name a few.

I like movies, and have fairly simple criteria for what makes a movie good; either it makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me think, or it hits so close to home it's painful. And then there's the occasional things that just grab me for reasons I can't even pinpoint, like Goonies, The Princess Bride, Unbreakable and RHPS. And, of course, the Lord of the Rings movies and the Harry Potter movies.

I don't watch a lot of TV. Most of the things I've loved are no longer showing, things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, X-Files, Angel and Dollhouse. If you love something don't let me watch it. I am the death knell to good shows.

I like Iron Chef, and most anything on the Food Network. I'm a Food Network, History Channel, and Discovery Channel junkie. I dare not even watch those channels for fear of getting sucked in for the entire day!

I love the theater, ballet, and opera. Shakespeare in particular.

I love power tools.

I believe in faeries, dragons, integrity, friendship, beauty, honesty, open-mindedness, laughter, equality, pride, education, self-responsibility, animal rights, magic, embracing your inner child, introspection, loyalty, and love.

I love thunderstorms, candlelight, sushi, oysters, the ocean, music, flouncy dresses, Cherry Dr Peppers, rain, bonfires, Europe, intellectual stimulation, hot showers, full body massages, bookstores, nonconformists, gemstones (especially garnets), huge fluffy bath towels, women not afraid of their own intellect, tea, genuine people, and coffee.

I loathe willful ignorance, Microsoft (okay, I just get frustrated with MS, I don't really hate them), habitual cattiness, betrayal, meanness, pretentiousness, censorship, dishonesty, animal abuse, trendy boy bands, repression of minorities, conformity, Bush (the "president," not the band or the body part), shallowness, misogyny, hypocritical Christians (redundant?), intolerance, stupid prejudices (race, religion, gender, sexuality), pettiness, organized religion, duplicity, cowardice, supposition, blatant hypocrisy,reality TV and the fact that I've read every Xanth novel ever written.
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