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h/t to +Capt. Spastic 
I am the mother of a gay son and I've taken enough from you good people. I'm tired of your foolish rhetoric about the
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Good for you, +Meg L!
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Kyla Myers

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If you have a few minutes would you mind taking this survey for my niece to help with her statistics class? It's fairly quick.

Thank you!
Statistics survey (by Elizabeth Snyder)This is a survey that I will be using for a project in my statistics class. Please only take the survey one time!
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Kyla Myers

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I laughed.

The City of Austin will probably buy it for their staff.

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Kyla Myers

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Arizona Republicans to poor people: aren't you dead YET?
At least 2,700 children to be hit by new restriction that will save $4m-$9m and make Arizona the least generous state for welfare families
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+Paul Giles In my opinion you're a liar telling a story that doesn't match reality. In reality the system is set up so that part time jobs throw people off off support and the nature of work available to impoverished people is mostly temporary and insufficient to provide security for children. 

Every single night in america churches stand empty while the homeless sleep in the streets and under bushes. The churches could eliminate homelessness overnight if they chose to and they refuse. 

Every single mental health counselor has heard horrific tales of people trapped in abusive situations because their illness and the lack of life-supporting work leaves them with the choice of suffering abuse or suffering homelessness. The homelessness that those churches refuse to address. 

In reality the most effective anti-poverty programs we know are the ones that provide unconditional cash support. Social Security payments keep millions of elderly fed, housed, clothed and we provide medical care via Medicare, another "hand out." 

In reality straight cash payments to the poor are far cheaper than intrusive, qualified social service programs because we don't have to pay for a bureaucracy to monitor and punish poor people. 

In reality there simply are not enough jobs to provide for everybody who needs a job and there never will be as long as we have a technological, automated, roboticized, capitalist economy. There haven't been enough jobs since at least the 1920's. What we have in the U.S. are a lot of programs that are really make-work projects like the "defense" industry that makes weapons the Pentagon says it doesn't need to keep workers in jobs. 

You're welcome to join the rest of us here in reality any time +Paul Giles.
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Kyla Myers

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The City of Austin, keeping it classy. They hired in a man to mansplain to the wimminz how to talk to other women.

The link to the full video that was on their site has now been removed and replaced with an apology of sorts.
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+Melissa Austin Depends on where you are in Austin.  We lived (and still own property in) south Austin.  When we moved there it was very lefty, but it has changed dramatically since 2008.  When we first moved there, I drove just south into Hays and saw an actual bumper sticker that said, "IMPEACH THE NIGGER".  I also saw this bumper sticker up at the north end Costco while at the gas pumps there, and I've seen it in yard sign versions.

That stuff has creeped into south Austin itself.  Our neighbour two doors down has anti-Obama bumper stickers and stickers outright insulting liberals.  The guy around the corner puts up not just GOP signs every election cycle, but other hate-filled screeds against reproductive choice, immigrants, etc. right there on his lawn.

Austin is where someone complained to me in one sentence and in front of my child and her children that "Mexicans are so damned lazy" and "they take all the good jobs."

Austin is where I go to cake club meetings and people throw fits because I wore an Elizabeth Warren For Senate shirt, where people will still use the word "nigger" in a cake class I'm teaching to the face of a black woman and then expect it to be okay, and where some of these "nice cake ladies" say horribly anti LGBT things even while worshipping LGBT cake artists.

Austin has been forcibly gerrymandered to make it skew more right and it's working.  The demographics are changing.  Are there still pockets of lefties and the keepin' it weird people? Yes, mostly downtown.  But don't kid yourself...the giant-house suburbs all around the city skew right and you don't have to go far to see bumper stickers that reflect the open hatred.  I've seen anti-choice stickers at the Trader Joe's parking lot.

So don't presume to tell me what my experience is.  The article cited has actual facts you need to pay attention to if you want to preserve the quickly deteriorating "blueberry in the tomato soup" notion.  If the liberalisms matter to you, don't yell at those of us who are decrying the loss of them; stand up and do your part to protect them.
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Kyla Myers

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Your Cake of the Day was created by +Elizabeth Marek  of the +Artisan Cake Company  out of Portland, Oregon. It was created as part of an artists collaboration called "Sugar Myths and Fantasies". She's named this one, 'The Faun and the Moon'. There are several excellent pieces in this collection. Learn more about the individual pieces here:

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Kyla Myers

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Your daily dose of cute. Your argument is invalid. 

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They keep their bodies at just the right temperature until it's time to make tender goat curry! 
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Kyla Myers

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I meant to post these earlier today but it was an exciting Memorial Day. We had rain, thunder, lightning, flooding, tornado warnings and a power outage.

The first pic is my Uncle Butch who served in the Vietnam war and was in the Navy until he died. I'm on his left and my brother, Kevin is on the right.

The second pic is my Grandpa Red who served in WWII. Here he is wearing the uniform for the elite Chenault's Flying Tigers. He died from shrapnel working its way out of his leg and not being properly treated at a shitty VA hospital in Oklahoma. They were both heroes to me. Two of my brothers served in the military and even my Mama was in the Army.

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If you send me a PM with his full name, I'll also try and find out what I can about him specifically.
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Kyla Myers

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Since you're probably firing up the grill this weekend anyway....
Bacon Bourbon BBQ Chicken Kebabs. Probably the best grilled recipe EVER.
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Fda Sd
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Kyla Myers

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Yay, Ireland!!
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Thanks for setting a precedent, Ireland. Makes me proud to be an Irishman. Well, half Irish, anyway. My Native American half still thinks white people are all crazy :)
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Kyla Myers

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I'd forgo the pickled green beans and to be honest with you, I'd probably forgo the vodka as my diabetes meds don't react well to alcohol I do, however, love a good Virgin Mary. I drink them often when I'm in Vegas because they are better for me than alcohol, colas and too much orange juice. 
If you ask us, brunch is our favorite meal of the week. Why? Not only are you surrounded by friends but typically, a boozy little drink (or two) is involved. It is the weekend after all and you des...
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Looks good let me have it lo👄
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Kyla Myers

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French onion and bacon tart.
I saw this recipe for french onion and bacon tart from America's Test Kitchen, and my mouth started watering. So I had to make it. It's kind of like a quiche, but it doesn't have as many eggs as a quiche would have. For the pie crust, I used my favorite all-butter pie crust recipe, ...
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Aml AlI
يا معلم يا معلم! 
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I like movies, and have fairly simple criteria for what makes a movie good; either it makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me think, or it hits so close to home it's painful. And then there's the occasional things that just grab me for reasons I can't even pinpoint, like Goonies, The Princess Bride, Unbreakable and RHPS. And, of course, the Lord of the Rings movies and the Harry Potter movies.

I don't watch a lot of TV. Most of the things I've loved are no longer showing, things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, X-Files, Angel and Dollhouse. If you love something don't let me watch it. I am the death knell to good shows.

I like Iron Chef, and most anything on the Food Network. I'm a Food Network, History Channel, and Discovery Channel junkie. I dare not even watch those channels for fear of getting sucked in for the entire day!

I love the theater, ballet, and opera. Shakespeare in particular.

I love power tools.

I believe in faeries, dragons, integrity, friendship, beauty, honesty, open-mindedness, laughter, equality, pride, education, self-responsibility, animal rights, magic, embracing your inner child, introspection, loyalty, and love.

I love thunderstorms, candlelight, sushi, oysters, the ocean, music, flouncy dresses, Cherry Dr Peppers, rain, bonfires, Europe, intellectual stimulation, hot showers, full body massages, bookstores, nonconformists, gemstones (especially garnets), huge fluffy bath towels, women not afraid of their own intellect, tea, genuine people, and coffee.

I loathe willful ignorance, Microsoft (okay, I just get frustrated with MS, I don't really hate them), habitual cattiness, betrayal, meanness, pretentiousness, censorship, dishonesty, animal abuse, trendy boy bands, repression of minorities, conformity, Bush (the "president," not the band or the body part), shallowness, misogyny, hypocritical Christians (redundant?), intolerance, stupid prejudices (race, religion, gender, sexuality), pettiness, organized religion, duplicity, cowardice, supposition, blatant hypocrisy,reality TV and the fact that I've read every Xanth novel ever written.
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