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Another reason to root my phone and get jelly bean asap...
I want to root my Galaxy Nexus so bad, but i'm afraid to for some reason, this is the only phone i haven't rooted.
I've been "boycotting" Apple since 20+ years ago. I had "weak" moments when my daughter wanted iPod when it first came out ;(
It's almost impossible to say no to daughters ;)(
It's 100% impossible, my daughter has an ipod and a iPhone4S, even the salesman at Sprint tried to steer her towards another phone, but she wouldn't change her mind
i see my friend's parents with their daughters, and they know how to say 'no' to them. while i may not have one, i've seen one :)
I get yelled at by my wife everyday, we have 1 child (daughter) and when i say she is daddy's little girl, she is.
Whatever she wants she gets, she is not spoiled or a brat, but she is daddy's little girl :)
Well, seeing someone do it and being able to do it yourself is quite different. I do say no time to time but when my daughter wants something bad enough, she knows how to play with my mind  ;)
hahah ok fair enough. good luck with your pocket tho! keep it filled :D
Galaxe nexus root process is a bit hard . But if u be sure of what u do with explanation .. it is easy
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