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Noli creditis omniae legisi in interret. - Bram Stoker
Noli creditis omniae legisi in interret. - Bram Stoker

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Daniel Suarez has been eerily prophetic. I learned in school that markets are chaotic, unpredictable...But we see they're being gamed. Pump and dumps at Internet scales, chaos injected into commodity prices via trumped up reports of storms in the Gulf (of Mexico)... On the one hand there's a certain admiration for the quants and the tricks of arbitrage, but on the other, an outrage at the human collateral damage when an algorithm sees opportunity for (increased) profit.
More and more news 'articles' will exist to manipulate algorithms, written primarily for an audience of machines:

Posted (DS) SUN May 21, 2017 (2.40 pm) 

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Trying to time this so that it arrives on a Friday night...

I've been having this sense that the rate of change now -- i.e., in this decade -- is far greater than at any other point in our history. Even the incremental gains in medicine and mathematics, biology, and physics and the multitude of other disciplines occur at a frenetic pace. I'm not sure that morality can keep pace.

A scene in Daniel Suarez' /Daemon/ has spammers die gruesomely.

Vonnegut's /SlaughterHouse Five/ revolves around a bombing in Dresden.

As someone who deals with statistics en masse -- summary metrics themselves in aggregate, big data, Big Data -- even the horrific reduces to a data point. To be sure, the profession dictates this clinical disaffection where an emotionless approach to treatment of disease can highlight a seemingly innocuous metric. No one is as disaffected as an AI/ML classification algorithm.

But there are AIs deciding financial markets with human stakes involved. Data, and the algorithms that churn those data points, influenced these past election cycles to such an extent that they are now entrenched in all campaigns.

Yet Morality, its vague outline swiftly diminishing in the rear-view mirror, is still negotiating the GMO hill.

So should technology dictate morality or the other way around?

/Daemon/ changed my views on this question. Versus the "bugs trapped in amber" mindset I'd adopted, it forced a re-appraisal of my role in advancing technology.

Looking forward to this new book.

Here's a great review of CHANGE AGENT in The Wall Street Journal. You can find it in this weekend's print edition (April 15-16). It appeared in print as 'The Skin We'll Be In'. #BookReview #ChangeAgent #WSJculture 

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This looks interesting: Getting GPU resources to work with virtual machines was a bear but it seems it works with containers. 
GPU inside of a container? This post focuses on NVidia and the CUDA toolkit specifically, but #LXD’s passthrough feature should work with all other GPUs too.

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This scene...

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+Assia Alexandrova -- And I am more of Dokken fan :>
A Mathematical Approach to Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” - ''I’ve seen a million faces, and I’ve rocked them all.' Let’s examine this statistic.'

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Most excellent work that Benson Leung is doing to ensure compliance with a spec...

The USB-C issues remind me of the old Atari ST systems from the 80s. The 520ST included MIDI ports which was almost unique among systems of the time. For cost reasons, the ST MIDI ports weren't quite standard. Though it worked well with products that adhered to the spec, it didn't when other vendors also deviated.

Back then it meant that some keyboards and light controls didn't quite work right. Deviation from the USB spec can mean blown hardware.
This picture didn't come through clearly on my Aukey Amazon review (, so I will post it here.

On the left is normal dual-role toggling with nothing attached to the power bank. Both CC pins are pulled up to about 3V, and then pulled down to 0V.

Upon attaching a USB-IF certified C-to-C cable with an e-marker, the power bank starts exhibiting this weird sawtooth pattern as you can see on the right. Voltage is WAY lower on the highs than it's supposed to be, and way higher on the lows.

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