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Kurt von Schleicher

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✔@HillaryClinton Tweets:
"I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible." 
10:35 PM - 4 Mar 2015

Sounds good to me, BUT if Grandma H really does ..then why didn’t she give the State all of her email then, rather than a self-censored fraction of her correspondence?
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#Democrats Ain't At all Rushing To Defend Hillary #Clinton.. Who Feels She's Above The Law ..That You Could Never Ever Be Above.

They are keeping a good distance and yearning for an alternative.
State Department cybersecurity source says Clinton aides ignored concerns
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The Lord has incredible and infinite reservoirs of blessings for His children, but He Himself is the Blessing of all blessings. What a joy to walk with Christ!
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Kurt von Schleicher

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"The days when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal aggression are over." ~ B.N. 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address to Congress that Israel and the United States must stand together to stop Iran.
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Gallup: Americans Approve Of #Netanyahu More Than They Do Of Pres #Obama. Netanyahu’s approval is now at 45 percent, a full ten points higher than two years ago. 

Leading from behind now means.. left behind. 

There is zero written protocol against simply talking to #American citizens for protection’s sake. Duh. I wouldn’t want to DISS Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו our long-loyal ally—the Prime Minister of ‪#Israel‬.
Gallup: Americans Approve Of Netanyahu More Than They Do Of Pres Obama. Netanyahu’s approval is now at 45 percent, a full ten points higher than two years ago. “Leading from behind now means.. left...
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#Obama is always the uni in unitlateral for executive action. He's now "very interested" In raising #taxes thrU this.
In Obama's America there is nothing the president can't do without Congress.
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"No, click on em faster, Barney!" 

Grandma Hillary be like... 
The best GIFs are on Giphy
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Kurt von Schleicher

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Interesting interceptor drone flyin' around. 
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Kurt von Schleicher

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Some wanna talk about gettin' the best kinda revenge, but I just wanna talk about seein' authentic massive success. Hope none are left out.
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If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. #PugTrial+Error
Pug has hilarious fail while following his buddy over a log.
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Is our US leader as immature as some West Hollywood teenager?

Why is our leader so allergic to logic, to smart, and common respect? Why would ‪#‎Obama‬ NOT simply go down the street to listen to and talk with our friend, #Netanyahu , while he's in the same city? Amazing!

#Iran  plays hide and cheat! Duh. #Israel  is willing to stand alone.. that's how each one of us in our hearts should be. The only person who has done harm to our relationship with Israel is #Obama , the number one threat to national peace.  

The enemy of your enemy is your enemy. Remember WWII.. #NeverAgain!

Why is Obama so hateful and anti-Semitic? The White House now tries it's best to sound reasonable by warning Netanyahu not to reveal Iran details ....but Obama is guilty of aiding and abetting #Iran .

#Obama hasn't at all been working to protect any from #Islamic  Radicals who behead, slice necks, rape, and murder innocent children. 
Israeli Prime Minister said Tuesday he deeply regretted that his speech to the U.S. Congress was being seen as a political ploy.
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"'s not only strong, it's stronger than it's ever been." #phoneycroniebaloney #rice  on  #israel  
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I serve with Global Media Outreach. Authored a couple training books. Been privileged for almost for decades to do some speaking, missionary work in 21 nations and local church pastoring.. as a "Connector" if ya will—a vertical motivator. See or 
Why do I seek to relationally connect people up? It's for the purpose of living and behavioral alteration and global impact. Yup!  Would ya like to check on my speaking availability?  I'm here to challenge peeps, add value if I can and build em up. What do I believe? A great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will make for a great church or person. Question for ya: Have you yet discovered that second only to experiencing the blessing, the glorious adventure, and great privilege of knowing / worshiping the Lord personally, is the JOY of making Christ known to others? You can today.

You can, and even starting today! Yup, it's for every Christian, the Bible says, “Jesus called out to them, ‘Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!’” (Matthew 4:19). Remember how He encouraged Simon saying, “Don't be afraid! From now on you'll be fishing for people!" (Luke 5:10). Well, with grace, accuracy and joy, Christ wants to use you in this worldwide endeavor as well! Can you think of anything more important?

The U.S.A. has basically been in a state of perplexity for a while, because we’ve relied too much on bankers, brokers, and right and left leaning bureaucrats. How is it in your country? We are still somewhat blessed, but technology hasn’t rescued us from the huge problems that we've created. It used to be: “In God we trust” and during times of uncertainty like these, I say we simply remember our roots and return to Him who gives peace.. and that we do this on His terms as found in the Bible. 

Our aim at F4S Evangelism is edification, education, equipping plus help you and your friends first hook-up with: 1.) The Ultimate Fisher of people, 2.) With other people just like you.. who are really wanting to make a lasting difference on this planet for His Glory, and also with, 3.) Your God-given ministry and evangelistic purpose! Why? Here’s why.. on the horizontal plane there’s nothing better than Gospel ministry to invest your time, talent and treasures into! kurtwvons

Connector with a cause, vertical motivator. Let us know today if you have questions about Kurt coming to address your group.
Some have said, "The dude can exhort and simply motivate for application's sake." See:
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Great service, friendly people, good coffee and I'm really hoping they'll play some raw and straightforward Larry Norman soon.
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Funny. The name of this place means: "Wild Saint" and that's exactly what I want to be.. but no, not in some creepy destructive kinda way. Try the yellow-fin tuna ceviche, and lobster tamale ..and O yeah, some duck tacos! Thanks Chef Pyles.
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There are of course many great Barbeque restaurants in Dallas Texas and many of em are done by 3:00 pm—this is currently the best BBQ restaurant in Dallas Texas and they aren't out by afternoon. Simple as that. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try the Big Rib. Tasty. No need to put anything on it. They have some 4 or 5 entrees that are smoked from 12 to 18 hours long.
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Such a good value! Good service too. You'll indeed like it.
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233 reviews
A strong 4 star. You know that in these parts (DFW area), we are blessed with several great Barbeque restaurants and many of em are done by 3:00 pm. But Smoke rocks earlier and longer—it;s the best BBQ restaurant in Dallas Texas. Yes, they ain't outta product by early afternoon. Simple as that. Try their "Big Rib." Uber-tasty to the max. No need to put anything on that sucker. And they have some 4 or 5 other entrees that are also smoked from 12 to 18 hours long.
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At the Carso Mediterranean Grill, try their Tenderloin - amazing!
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