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Existential Comics - The Machine

A diving into the theory of conciousness via teleportation, travel through time, and even sleep. Interesting quick read.

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ArsTechnica shows you how to build your own router out of a mini-PC (or you could do it with an old PC that you have some good network cards thrown into). Nice to have as a tutorial reminder if you aren't a guru.

Note this is the Linux routing method, you could also go BSD with something like PfSense or OpenWRT/DD-WRT/Etc.

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Nice bit of Linux routing and teaching content. Warning: Does require some basic local networking knowledge and basic networking knowledge.

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Handy little guy. Basically makes a Desktop application from the Web Player (all HTML5, no Flash) of Google Play Music. Yeah, some of you hate Google, I get it, but for those of you who use it, this is pretty nice and includes a lot of nice little things.

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This is some pretty interesting research. Using organic DNA snippets as engines to control particle accumulation and growth. 
The TL:DR is that they used some pieces of DNA to make gold and other particles grow into different crystal shapes. Changing the DNA used changes the shape made.

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Hacked together electro-gore.
I love the amazement at the half-assedery of the entire system.

The new G+ layout is okay, but was pretty serviceable previously. However, on a high resolution monitor, only two columns of posts don't really cut it and leaves a huge amount of whitespace. At least 3 would be nice.

Otherwise, seems pretty snappy and work well enough.

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Looking into data on effect of cleaning solar panels, and I find this. Interesting read, but, of course, these findings won't apply everywhere.

Apparently, flat mounted panels (like carports/parking lot roofs/etc) get a good boost from cleaning/dusting and the like. Somewhere between 10 and 35% depending on how dirty they were.

However, slant installed panels (like on most home roofs and numerous commercial installations) mostly keep themselves clean through a combination of effects. Wind, rain, and gravity will often keep thick layers from forming, so much so that in the study that Google did, their slant mounted panels received only about a 1% boost from cleaning when they went about measuring the degradation of power due to aging of the PV panels/cells.

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There might be a few people who I know who might be interested in getting a new case for an ancient Amiga (if it was still around).
New Amiga 1200 cases, manufactured under licence from Amiga using brand new injection moulds: this Kickstarter is a labour of love by a group of Amiga fans. With mounting points for Raspberry Pi and the Keyrah V2 keyboard adapter in the new cases, you'll be able to use your classic Amiga 1200 keyboard with your Pi for an amazing retrogaming experience.

There are lots of special editions and goodies to delight Amiga fans, and the campaign is already over half way to an ambitious funding target.
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