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Kurt Smith

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Happy Birthday, America!

This weekend we celebrate our great nation’s birthday – the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress, and the United States of America was born. We take for granted the freedoms we enjoy today because of this document, but it was radical thinking 239 years ago.

Not only was this very public opposition to the king by stating that the government should be chosen by the people to govern themselves, it states that all men were created free, equal and shared the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence makes us citizens of a nation, rather than subjects of an empire

Have a happy and safe 4th of July. Tell us in the comments what you are doing to celebrate!


#4thofjulyweekend   #independenceday   #freedom   #kurtstips  
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May God bles America
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Kurt Smith

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'Loves Me But Is Not In Love With Me' - Understanding 'Why?'

My partner loves me but is not in love with me is one of the most painful things to have to accept. In fact, most partners cannot believe it when they hear it. Hearing these words typically comes as a complete shock.

What follows being told he loves me but is not in love with me is what makes hearing these words even harder to understand and accept. Often after this is said a bag gets packed and the partner leaves, separates or says they want a divorce. A woman I'm counseling right now came home to find a note on the kitchen counter saying not much more than, "I love you, but am no longer in love with you," and her husband had moved out.

Click below to read the rest of the story about 4 different real-life people struggling with a partner who says they love them but are not in love with them. Also learn what to do and not to do about it.

#relationshipadvice   #lostthelove   #kurtstips  
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one sided love can happen but is it worth it
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Kurt Smith

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Did you know that being dehydrated can affect our moods and behavior? And in the heat, it can be dangerous. If water is too bland, try some of these flavors.

H/T: +Peg Fitzpatrick 
12 infused water recipes to keep you hydrated all summer
Peach and sage sounds amazing to me.

#healthyliving   #summer   #foodie   #ns  
We all know we should drink more water, but it's just so...boring. We can do better than this! Click through for 11 takes on infused water that make staying hydrated fun!
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yes it can
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Kurt Smith

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Real Apologies Have Follow Through

Sometimes we hurt or offend someone so much that saying, “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to demonstrate how sorry we truly are. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to do.

We need to apologize, of course. We should also acknowledge what we’ve done and then let the person know how we’ll avoid making the same mistake again. The key here is to then ask for forgiveness, and see what we can do to make things right.

While we may be a bit uncomfortable doing this, it can to mean the world to the one we offended or hurt. It’s also an opportunity for us, as it can turn an ugly situation into a positive learning experience.


#sorry   #apologize     #thursdaythought   #kurtstips   #relationships  
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i always enjoy reading your blogs...its very "information overload".....:)
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Kurt Smith

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Discover Your Own Kind of Bea-YOU-tiful

How did our view of what’s beautiful become so unrealistic? Every image we see in the media is manipulated to perfection – making us feel imperfect. How can we measure up to the waif-ish figures, flawless skin, chiseled muscles or whiter–than-white teeth? We can’t because it’s not real.

We need to shift our thinking away from what the media tell us is beautiful. We can define ourselves by staying healthy and focusing on our inner qualities. Being thoughtful and kind hearted is far more beautiful than any temporary makeup job, and being healthy is so much more than just how slim we are or what our muscles look like. 

Instead of hesitating to look in the mirror, we should take a good long look and smile. That’s who we really are, and we’re beautiful just as we are.

#you #transformationtuesday   #youarebeautiful   #kurtstips  

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He he I do 
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Kurt Smith

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Who Is The Other Woman In My Marriage?

What every wife fears the most is the other woman in my marriage. Whether it happens intentionally or innocently, the effect is still the same -- it's destructive.

As we all know, the technology we carry around with us gives us instant access to a lot of things that can become problems for us. One example is the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, which makes having another woman in your marriage something everyone is vulnerable to.

Take a look at the below article I wrote and learn the different ways the other woman can sneak into your marriage.

#cheating   #otherwoman   #kurtstips  
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Kurt Smith

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Get Over FOMO And Embrace JOMO

Fear Of Missing Out is real. It’s when we’re constantly on social media or our cell phones so we don’t miss anything. FOMO is when we’re really tired, but go out anyway, or are the last to leave a friends’ house, because we don’t want to miss out. 

But FOMO robs of us JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out. There are so many things we can do alone that are fulfilling and let us have some “me” time. We can go to an early show and see the embarrassingly silly movie we secretly want to see. We can go to the new exhibit at the museum without someone else being bored, or take a book to the park and read the afternoon away. 

The Joy Of Missing Out is more than just disconnecting. It’s taking the time to take care of ourselves. It’s great to try new things, or do nothing. It’s ok to not fill every moment of every day with other people. Let the FOMO go and enjoy 'me' time!


#thursdaythought   #FOMO   #happythursday   #kurtstips  
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ty i'll
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Kurt Smith

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Suffering Is A Choice - Say "No More!"

We'll all experience pain in our lives at one point or another -- it’s unavoidable. But we don’t have to suffer along with the pain -- that IS avoidable.

Pain is a necessary physical reaction to something that can hurt us somehow. Suffering over something is a choice we make. It’s our inner voice telling us how miserable we are, that we can’t do something, or that we aren’t worthy. 

It can be hard to practice positive thinking when we’re hurting in some way, but if we change how we’re thinking, we can end the suffering, put it behind us, and work on really healing. The next time you're suffering, choose "no more!"


#behappy   #LifeQuote   #happytuesday   #kurtstips  
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Thats a great way of looking at things.
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Kurt Smith

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It’s Time To Disconnect Once In A While

Do you ever “disconnect’? Are you constantly on your phone scrolling Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, or pinning on Pinterest? As great as smart phones and tablets are, people seem to have forgotten how to just ‘be.’

It’s now seemingly normal to be on our phones while waiting at the doctor’s office, or killing time when picking up the kids. With our devices in hand, we have a constant stream of distractions, and that can be stressful. By disconnecting, we can relax, be alone with our thoughts, or just daydream

When we unplug, our minds get a much-needed break. Tell us in the comments if you ever deliberately disconnect, and if you feel less stressed when you do.


#disconnect   #thoughtoftheday   #saturday    #kurtstips  
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yeah it's got bugs bug in bugs .but how anf

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Kurt Smith

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A great reminder to not feel hopeless in light of recent events.
H/T +Babble 
With so many awful headlines in the news, there are times we all feel a little hopeless. But don’t let the darkness overshadow all the good in this world.
Yes, I brought a child into an imperfect world that can be terrifying at times. It can also be so incredibly beautiful, complex and awe-inspiring.
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we have to make the unfortunate circumstances better
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Kurt Smith

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Real Men Make The Time To Be A Dad

Some believe that moms are better at motherhood than dads are at fatherhood. Maybe that used to be true, but today it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Dads today can be much more involved with all phases of their kids’ lives than ever before. No longer are dads just greeted at the door after work, and relegated to playing catch. Dads today are helping with diapers, breakfast, packing lunches, picking up after school – and they love it, and their kids love it. What kids want most from their dads is time and attention, and it’s common now to give it in less traditional ways.

No matter how a dad may see himself, a dad is still his kids’ hero. Kids still need dads as a positive role model. But now, dads can be present in all the little ways, too, and have fun doing it.

#fathersday   #manhood   #kids #kurtstips

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Yeah i think so..
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Kurt Smith

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How To Handle A Know-It-All

We all know someone who's a know-it-all. It can be hard not to use a snarky comment to try and get them to shut up. But understanding why someone is this way can help us deal with it without being too extreme. 

The Internet gives us almost unlimited access to information, which for some gives them the feeling that they actually do know everything. Some people who feel very insecure try to make themselves seem smarter. It's insecurity that causes these people to never feel comfortable being quiet. 

Instead of running away, we can try to understand where they’re coming from. Maybe by showing someone a little understanding, they’ll realize they don’t need to demonstrate their knowledge constantly and we can have a more normal, balanced conversation.


#knowledge   #life    #relationships   #kurtstips  
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+Kurt Smith mr. do u have a google in your name?...'coz you're very smart....:)
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