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A gamer, a geek, and now a father!
A gamer, a geek, and now a father!

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So, who threw the Emperor down a reactor shaft?

I like the overall effect of re-balancing some cards that have been overpowered. I feel like the Emperor should be a little cheaper, either down a point or two, or maybe down to one crew slot. Although it is neat that he takes two slots... Maybe it's his entourage? 

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Inspired by the +David Sutcliffe blog post about the T-70, and realizing that I hadn't actually played that ship at all since acquiring it, I tried this list for tonight's casual game:

I do tend towards silly names for my lists... 3 X-wings = XXX, which reminded me of the Vin Diesel film series... so I imagined that the part of "Red Ace" was played by him for this list.

The game ended up being a 3-way free for all. We set up in 2 corners and the middle opposite side, per the starting areas in the IG-2000 mission. This list was pretty fun to fly, especially when I was able to get off my Talon rolls without serious impact to my next turn. M9-G8 was really entertaining - I used it to re-roll an enemy's attack die in their favor when they attacked the other player, and rolled defensively when they attacked me. The Pattern Analyzer really earned its points in letting Red Ace TL or focus after red moves. My dice were pretty hot, and Red Ace was the (lucky) star of the evening, getting the kill shot on 4 enemy ships.

I don't know if this list would fare well in a tournament situation, but it was pretty fun to fly

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Read, think about it, and share. 

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Oh, yes. 

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Very interesting. 
Yoinked from a private feed. Important context for the next time there's a temptation to well actually about marshmallows.

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I may need to try this. 

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Wow, well done.

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I'm thinking of trying an ion heavy scum build focused around Dace Bonearm. This is for a casual game that's likely to be a three player brawl. Multiple ion options should ensure Dace gets triggered at least once a turn, possibly twice if the bombs work out. Kavil must be willing to take his own ion bomb occasionally, and stick close to Dace to potentially remove stress before combat.

The Z-95s are just extra harassment who might be able to sacrifice themselves for extra damage.

I haven't been taking pictures, but thought I'd post something about my solo play of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.  I've played two missions total.

I played with 3 ships, starting setup:
Y-Wing, "Chatterbox": R5-K6 and Twin Laser Turret
Y-Wing, "Cooler": R2 Astromech, Ion Cannon Turret, Flechette Torpedoes
X-Wing, "Kitehawk":  R7-T1

First mission, "Local Trouble".
This went really well.  Designated Chatterbox as my squad leader, passed only an action or two to Kitehawk.  My dice were hot for me and I rolled poorly for the TIE fighters.  Kitehawk blew away his first TIE Fighter in one shot at range one, Chatterbox and Cooler plinked away at them - we were down to 2 TIE Fighters when the Interceptor came in on vector 4.  Blew another TIE away that turn and all my other ships were in position to attack the Interceptor - it went unscathed for 2 turns before Chatterbox managed to take it out - it was his only kill.  The TIEs that came in on turn 7 were quickly taken out - mission complete on Turn 9.

Final tally:  
Chatterbox:  1 kill (Interceptor), 9 XP (TLT was very consistent for XP per turn).  Improved Pilot skill to 3, 3 XP left.
Cooler: 2 kills,  8XP.  Bought Ion Torpedoes and Extra Munitions, 1 XP left.
Kitehawk: 4 kills, 11 XP earned for 13 XP total (had 2 leftover from start).  Improved Pilot skill to 3, bought Predator Elite Talent, free Integrated Astromech (got my T-70 pack!), 1 XP left.

Second mission:  I selected Chatterbox to be squad leader again (planning to upgrade to a HWK-290).  Drew two missions, "Secure Holonet Receiver" and "Needle in a Haystack".  I went with the latter since I hadn't cut out the emplacements yet but had the Ion clouds.

I set up with the Y-wings flanking the Outer Rim Smuggler near the middle, with the X-wing moving up the right side to hunt TIE fighters.  Scanned some tracking tokens on turn 2 and the Escape Pod popped right up.  Lucky me... but the Phantom appears at the same time.  YT-1300 moved in for the escape pod while Cooler covered it with Protect actions.   Chatterbox and Kitehawk went hunting TIEs but did very poorly - Cooler was mopping them up at PS2 and scored the most kills over the mission.  The YT-1300's docking maneuver with the Escape Pod caused a couple of the TIE fighters on Strike AI to collide with it - saved it several attacks.  The Phantom AI veered it off to a side and it managed to dance around for 2 turns before it became a threat.  I also left it alone due to it's high Agility and the Evade token, trying to clear TIEs off the YT-1300.    Several more tracking tokens were scanned (free XP!) and the Cargo Container showed up not too far from the YT-1300... but with the beating the TIEs were giving it I decided it was time to get out of there with the Escape Pod.  Ion Storms delayed the YT-1300's escape and it lost all shields before being able to make it off the board.   Kitehawk managed to become the Phantom's target and took a lot of damage - saved from a killing blow by his shiny new Integrated Astromech just before escaping.   All ships made it off the escape edge on Turn 8 so I didn't bother drawing the Delta squad of Imperial Reinforcements for that turn.
Mission successful!  Replaced card with "Bait" mission.

Thoughts:  Ion Storms suck.  Mostly affected my ships with random ionization and blocking Range 3 shots drastically reduced the effectiveness of the TLT.   The TIEs almost always had 4 agility thanks to the clouds!   R5-K6 was not helpful this game at all - I'd had better luck in the first mission.  It'll be abandoned when Chatterbox upgrades to a HWK-290.

Final tally:  
Chatterbox:  ZERO kills (1 total), +6XP = 9 total.
Cooler: 3 kills (5 total) +9XP = 10 total.  (included 2xp for the most protect actions)
Kitehawk: 2 kills (6 total) +8XP = 9 total.
Still deciding what upgrades to get next.
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