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Kurt Harvey

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We're seeing the most incredible images from the Calbuco volcano in Chile ... erupting NOW.
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Nature at work is amazingly beautiful and powerful and puts us in our place!
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Kurt Harvey

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"I'm touched by the idea that when we do things that are useful and helpful - collecting these shards of spirituality - that we may be helping to bring about a healing."

~Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy by John Hodgman   #LLAP  
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Danke für dieses wunderschöne Foto!
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Kurt Harvey

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The Photographer's Ephemeris and The Photographer's Transit now available as a bundle on the App Store.

Read more below.
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Nice, but I already have both - great apps for planning shoots. 
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Kurt Harvey

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“Solitude is independence. It had been my wish and with the years I had attained it. It was cold. Oh, cold enough! But it was also still, wonderfully still and vast like the cold stillness of space in which the stars revolve.” 
~Hermann Hesse

Hvítserkur is a striking solitary sea stack that sits about 100 meters from the cliff face in Northwest Iceland. Upon seeing this eagerly awaited stop on my trip back in 2012 I was immediately struck by its solitary position well away from the face of the coastline. Hvítserkur looks like an animal and stands alone in what appears to be quiet contemplation. As I was processing this image I thought of the quote above by Hesse and it's meaning. Solitude provides the environment to ground and center oneself, to meditate on ideas vast and small. It's a necessary nutrient for internal peace. Thinking about this concept led me to appreciate this quote by Rainer Maria Rilke even more:

“I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.” 
~Rainer Maria Rilke

#Iceland   #icelandphotography  
#showyourbestwork   +ShowYourBestWork 
+10000 Photographers BW  #10000photographersbwmonochrome   
+Monochrome World  
#monochromemonday   #monochomeworld   #monochrome     #blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhite   
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Thank you so much +Asa Gislason :)  
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Kurt Harvey

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NOAA's DSCOVR is scheduled to launch today at 6:10 p.m. EST. Its mission is to monitor space weather from a fascinating spot known as Lagrange 1. Watch launch live:
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+Boris Gorelik it the NOAA DSCOVR satellite on top of a SpaceX rocket and if the launch is successful they're going to try to land the 1st stage on a floating platform.

Actually, they've postponed the launch due to a radar issue.
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Kurt Harvey

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A Photo Sphere I made with my phone while out enjoying that last of the snow in the hills above Tucson on 1/1/15. My 6D is shooting a time-lapse off to the side.  

#tucson   #360panorama   #photosphere  
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Cool shot
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Kurt Harvey

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“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.”
~Wendell Berry


A snowy January morning in the mountains above Tucson, Arizona.

#Earthday   #earthday2015   #showyourbestwork  
#landscapephotography   #landscape   #tucson   #cactus  
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Thank you very much +tania sonnenfeld :)
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Kurt Harvey

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Monday at 12 PM Pacific!

"Join SETI Institute scientist Mark Showalter and his New Horizons teammate Cathy Olkin on Monday, March 23rd at 12:00pm PT to learn about the New Horizons July 14th flyby, what features might be discovered and how to nominate and vote on your favorite names."
You have a chance to help name about-to-be-discovered features on Pluto and Charon! Join SETI Institute scientist Mark Showalter and his New Horizons teammate Cathy Olkin on Monday, March 23rd at 12:00pm PT to learn about the New Horizons July 14th flyby, what features might be discovered and how to nominate and vote on your favorite names.

Have a question for this dynamic duo? Post, tweet or message us your question with the hashtag #ourpluto
This Hangout On Air is hosted by SETI Institute. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#OurPluto Hangout On Air
Mon, March 23, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Kurt Harvey

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Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting up with +Derek Kind,  +Elizabeth Hahn and +Eric Raeber. Definitely missed you +Sam Breach but I totally understand the traffic issue. Nature put on a spectacular show and then we had some awesome Mexican food and conversation. This is a quick pano from my phone touched up in Photoshop. 
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Great photo, by the way!
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Kurt Harvey

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2015 Picks Up Where 2014 Record Heat Left Off

The warmth that led 2014 to become the hottest year on record has continued into 2015, with last month ranking as the second-hottest January on record globally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday.

“I think it is safe to say that the warmth so far in 2015 really is a continuation of the warmth in 2014,” NOAA climatologist Jake Crouch said in an email."
Last month was the second-hottest January on record globally, in a continuation of 2014's warmth.
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En Argentina fue un Verano Violento......y seguro que irá in crescendo....TRISTE...😳👍👋
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Kurt Harvey

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This astronaut’s view of Earth.

Thanks to +Veritasium for creating the video. Fun ending!
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Kurt Harvey

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Callie the Cat as Dr Evil for #Caturday . A phone photo by my wife that I then dressed up in Oggl. Happy Caturday to +Khrystiane Friedli +Shantha Marie Fountain +Cicely Robin Laing and everyone else (Y)
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Hehe, picking her teeth after a nice meal of mouse? ;)
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