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Kurt Harvey
Photographer, IT Director, Sci-Fi fan, Indie Rock
Photographer, IT Director, Sci-Fi fan, Indie Rock


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“The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time. They are kneeling with hands clasped that we might act with restraint, that we might leave room for the life that is destined to come. To protect what is wild is to protect what is gentle. Perhaps the wilderness we fear is the pause between our own heartbeats, the silent space that says we live only by grace. Wilderness lives by this same grace. Wild mercy is in our hands.”

~Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place

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Help keep EarthSky going! We're 68% toward our yearly fund-raising goal. We need you!

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The outgoing concessionaire for Yosemite National Park is trademark trolling. They're claiming that they own the trademarks for many of Yosemite's famous sites. Please sign the petition below. It needs quite a few more signatures to reach the 100,000 mark which will then cause the government to formally respond to the petition.

Delaware North is demanding 50 million dollars in order for the rights to use the names of the many of the Park's sites such as the Ahwahnee Hotel and even the name "Yosemite National Park".

"Investigate the Delaware North Corporation's claim to own trademark on historically important Yosemite landmarks"

#yosemite #trademarktroll #DelawareNorth

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by @AgentTinsley on Twitter

The recent Southern California Trident missile launch as seen from Salton Sea by @AgentTinsley on Twitter. There's a series of images, an animated gif and her account. That must have been incredibly frightening to see and not know what it was.

  #TridentMissle   #missilelaunch  

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Björk and writer-environmentalist Andri Snær Magnason are making an urgent appeal to protect Iceland’s highlands from development that will scar this pristine wilderness. Please sign the petition here

Full article:

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The ISS with Expedition 43 along with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter over the Minarets near Mammoth Mountain in Eastern California on June 19th, 2015. 

Expedition 43 crew:
Gennady Padalka, RSA
Mikhail Korniyenko, RSA
Scott Kelly, NASA

A series of RAW frames combined in my star stacking application (Advanced Stacker) to create the ISS light streak itself then combine with one later frame for the starry background (to eliminate the star trails) and various other adjustments.

#InternationalSpaceStation   #SpotTheStation   #NASA   #ESA   #RSA  

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We're seeing the most incredible images from the Calbuco volcano in Chile ... erupting NOW.
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