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Layers of Gold, Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

I just got back from co-leading a workshop in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks with Arizona Highways legend George Stocking.  We had a great group of enthusiastic folks which made chasing light like this in canyon country all the more rewarding.  Words really can't describe the awe one feels when standing on edge of this canyon.  Hopefully the image relays a bit of its majesty, but it really must be experienced in person.

Looking forward to a  bit of down time (aka catching up on office work) before heading down to SC with my family and then off to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest for another workshop in two weeks.

As always thanks for taking a peek and feel free to share!

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Great light and composition!
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26, Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Just returned from a great trip to the Arizona Desert.  Got a little personal shooting in on either side of a workshop I co-lead with fellow Dreamscapes and Arizona Highways legend, George Stocking.  The wildflowers were pretty much nonexistent this spring but we had some good shooting and fantastic workshop clients.  Looking forward to my trip to Moab next week.

The title represents the number of cholla spines I had to  pluck from my calf after shooting this image.  They don't call them jumping cactus for nothing!

As always thanks for taking a peek and feel free to share.

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Dang this is sweet!!
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Light Among Giants, Redwoods NP, California

Here's one from way back on the northern California coast for +Tree Tuesday  Winter's arctic grasp is once again gripping northern Vermont.  Jonesing to get out shooting, it's been a long time since I've spent any time in the field.

As always, thanks for taking a peek and feel free to share.

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Wonderful Kurt.
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Red Buoys, Bass Harbor, Maine

A little something to buoy your spirits on this wet and gloomy day…  Secretly, I love shooting this type of stuff.  I'm a bit of a harbor junky.

As always, thanks for taking a peek and feel free to share.

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Love the bright colors here.  So typically Maine, +Kurt Budliger. 
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Saguaro Glow, Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona

Here's another shot from my recent travels to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  I fell in love with the interplay of backlight and the various cactus species in the Sonoran Desert.  In fact, it quickly became my preferred light for working in this rather chaotic environment.  I know this won't be for everyone due to the lack of dramatic light and sky but it's quickly becoming one of my favorites from the trip as it represents the quieter, more contemplative style of shooting that first got me excited about photography.

As always, thanks for taking a peek and feel free to share.

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Thanks +Dominique Dubied and +Tim Newton, much appreciated.
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Pura Vida, Playa Pelada, Costa Rica

Spent a wonderful week hanging on Pacific side of Costa Rica with my family recently.  This is from one  of the only nights we had any clouds at sunset.  It's a far cry from the below zero temps and blizzard conditions the past 24 hours here in northern Vermont.  Off tomorrow for 10 days in the desert southwest with some personal shooting as well as a workshop I'm co-leading with George Stocking.  We still have some space in next month's Arches & Canyonlands workshop if anyone is interested in joining us in Utah.  Hit the link for details.  

Peace out y'all!

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Lucky Duck! Why would you want to escape that beautiful snowy weather in beautiful northern Vt.
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Kurt Budliger

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I've got a new post live on the Dreamscapes Blog, stop on by and have a look see.
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2013 was a great year and I'm looking forward to an amazing 2014! Ansel Adams famously said "12 significant photographs in any one year was a good crop." In the spirit of self reflection I've chosen my "bakers dozen" for the year in review. Would love to hear what you think and feel free to share.

As always thanks for having a peek and Happy New Year!
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Dyrholaey Gloom, Iceland

Taken on a particularly stormy day this past summer while photographing puffins on the cliffs of Dyrholaey Iceland.  Quite an experience being exposed on the edge of this promontory as storms rolled in off the ocean.  

Big storm coming to the northeast this weekend, hang on to your hat and stay warm out there folks!

As always thanks for taking a peek and feel free to share.

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Stunning image!
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Kurt Budliger

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A little something new over on the Dreamscpaes Bloggo for ya…
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