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Pay attention OEM's!! +OPPO is allowing customers to CHOOSE what OS they want running on THEIR device!! Shocking I know +Samsung Mobile +HTC +LG USA Mobile
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Wow this is great but ahmmm $350US O_o. 
hmm +OPPO  has something up their slaves with this phone, I think it's a peep to their flagship phone 
I will keep my eye on them. Will need a better secondary phone soon my s2 has life but an upgrade is never a bad idea. 
I think my next phone may be an oppo, unless the N5 blows my brain off 
Looks cool. When it says "R819 can also run Stock Android, the Android experience as Google intended, for a fast, smooth user experience with familiar Google apps." it's also clear the phone is running 4.2.1 so where do the updates come from - Android/ Google, Oppo or the carrier(s)?
I'm getting the feeling it might be from +OPPO but let us know what they say. 
+Jason Berek-Lewis We're going to be the ones who update the phone as soon as possible. We'll also provide developers all the resources so they are able to start porting different ROMs to the R819. :)
And that's the thing. I can't remember what ROM it was (maybe RootBox) but I've always liked how Oppo seems to cater for the dev community. Also have been watching them a while. 
+OPPO WOW! Thanks for the reply. I'm in Australia so I'm hoping your phones will be available/will work here. I hope your updates will be timely. My Galaxy Nexus is locked to a carrier that has dropped support for the phone...
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