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I'm Loving Sunshine!
I'm Loving Sunshine!


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Go outdoors for healthier eyes!
Hello Sunshine! Have you ever experienced having trouble seeing? Maybe achy eyes, intense itching, or blurred vision? If you have experienced any of these, it's time to see an eye doctor. I'm very particular with my sight because I love reading and one of m...

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Epic Melbourne Travel Destinations
Hello Sunshine! It's seat sale season until Nov 30 and I figured, what a perfect timing to share some research on Melbourne travel destinations that you can perfectly enjoy with your mates! GUISEE, not a drill. I saw flights to Australia are on promotion, s...

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Single Ladies' Guide to Smart Money Management
Hello Sunshine! While I'm on day 3 of my Singapore vacation, I'd like to take a step back and talk about financial responsibility. Last month was my birthday month, and as usual, I sink into a lot of thinking when my birthday month swings by. Among many, I ...

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Taiwan Excellence Christmas
Hello Sunshine! Just a quick PSA today to share a Christmas promo that might be interesting for you. Taiwan Excellence is making Christmas even more special with awesome promotional prizes. As the holidays approach, take part in their exciting lineup of act...

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Dare to Be You BDJ Launch Weekend 2017
Hello Sunshine! If you're looking to find some inspiration or channel that inner goal-getter in you, then you shouldn't miss out on the BDJ Launch Weekend! Be first to get your hands on their 2018 power planners, while also enjoying lots of activities!!! My...

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On healthy skin, confidence, and the importance of a smile
Hello Sunshine! Allow me to talk about skin skin skin today. Through the years of being in love with all things beauty, I slowly but surely shifted to caring for my skin more and more because healthy skin gives me more joy, happiness, and confidence like no...

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Places to be, Places to go
Hello Sunshine! What a stressful week! I think coming from two long weekends (which I didn't end up enjoying because of work), all I want to is to rest up. I've been looking at boutique hotels lately, and frankly, I'm just finding myself day dreaming about ...

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Bye Bye Dark Spots for Face and Body with Belo Intensive Whitening Bar
Hello sunshine! Welcome me back! Been extra busy with so many things, I have a series of updates for you this week (excited)! To begin the fun, I want to share with you the soap I’m using lately. This is very timely, because the namesake of this soap just g...

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Young, playful, free-spirited... Daisy Marc Jacobs
Hello Sunshine! Recently, I got into thinking. I should keep myself busy with new routines that will help define my day. I love having rituals. The peace that comes with having a routine calms me. While some people don't like having routines, and I surely l...

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How to Lose Weight in Your 40s
Hello Sunshine! In an earlier post, I talking about getting fit. For this post, I'll talk about losing weight when you earn a few more years down your belt--literally and figuratively! As you grow older, you don't only gain wisdom and knowledge but also a f...
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