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Lately you may have noticed some changes, that is that we are undergoing new major changes an we are having a name change. Our new website will be located, and we would like to welcome you, Steelkrill Studio.

Steelkrill Studio (formally known as KGames) is a an independent games innovative 3D developer, video game and asset developer, which is also the creator and self publisher of two released Indie Games [REC] Shutter and Baby Blues and several complete project assets. Focusing mostly on making free Indie games of all genre while also developing side assets focusing on the assets, complete projects, KITs, Packs, Templates and 3D models that drastically speeds up your time for game development both for independent developers and/or any one that is willing to start into game developing.

We have been undergoing some issues lately which kept us from creating games but now hopefully, we are back to the challenge. A lot have change since the past couple of years that includes the developer, the "company" and everything related. We are now back, and in need of your support as we can't do this alone. You can support us by sharing and spreading the word and love or you can always visit our patron page to become a lovin' patron. Just read more below. That is all and we thank you so much for this.

You can stay updated on our twitter, ( indieDB, ( YouTube, ( Patron, ( or at our official website on
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