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Looks like there might be some hope left for CyanogenMod 10.1 on the GT-i9300 after all thanks to the recent 4.2.1 leak and +Daniel Hillenbrand  :) Fingers crossed...

To quote -
"Patch Set 1: Looks good to me, but someone else must approve
no keyboard glitches
daydream working properly
less laggy"

Now begins the impatient wait for the next nightly.
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What does that exactly mean for us? As I understood, some code for the GPU is leaked?
Yeah it's far away from 100 percent supported. 
Well this post by +Andrew Dodd says is best (; it basically means that these guys have had to pretty much reverse-engineer the steaming pile of poo that Samsung passes for source code (sprinkled with Gingerbread remnants no less) in order to get CM10/10.1 to even work on the i9300 in whatever way it does today.

With the recent leaks of 4.2.1 it appears the team is able to take the binary blobs from it and replace the *sorry excuse for Samsung's graphics source", with a slightly updated "sorry excuse for Samsung's graphics source which has slightly better performance so we'll use it" binary.

The optimism coming through in the merge comment suggests this has better performance with stuff hitherto not working (daydream) seems to perform decently.

I hope I'm not too far off the mark with this summary.

As updated leaks/ final versions of 4.2.1 make it out of Samsung, the hope is they might finally make good on their promise to release updated working sources that the CM team have been clamoring for.

I for one, won't be holding my breath though, since Samsung have been a major letdown on numerous occasions before, as far as Exynos sources are concerned.
+Guilherme Cardoso Best is to keep eyes/ears open for news through the usual channels (Twitter/TeamHacksung/G+) and check also the CM Gerrit website for merges once you hear of something.
+Achwaq Khalid I9500 is supposed to be coming with Snapdragon 600, that would solve this issue entirely! Glad Samsung even realizes that there isn't much demand for their processors. 
if the rumor is confirmed to be true, that will be really awesome and even better, they'd rather go with +Qualcomm 800 series which will be clocked at 2.3GHZ and sport the Adreno 330 with 2 times the computational power of the previous Adreno 320 chip.

but you know what is making me skeptical about this +Tech review, in review.? why did +Samsung Mobile showcased the Exynos 5 Octa in #CES2013 ?

let's wait and see, there is also an other rumor that say according to +AnandTech that Samsung will drop the Mali t658 in the Exynos 5 Octa and go with PowerVR

a lot of Questions.
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