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I have just got the invite, what's your experience with Project Fi?
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Requires a Nexus 6, dang it.
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+Google Maps​ confused much?
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Everyone knows about the new Rose Hills Rd exit off the 210!
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Looking for Fry's electronics stores. And this is what I get. Can you clean up your interface, +Google Maps​? 
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Gary B.
Every time I walk into Fry's my wallet is in danger.
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It all started 2 years ago today.
Having spent much on my life in higher education, it was a no-brainer that I chose to advance the human race by joining the Enlightened
Badges were adding up quickly
First gold lead to some smurf tears
I saw old portals disappear and new ones being added
I ingressed around the world (3 continents so far) and brought enlightenement everywhere I went
First ENL (and possibly RES) platinum explorer in LA
More medals followed - first ENL (and possibly RES) L15 in LA without a platinum guardian
Anomalies were fought fiercely...
Operations were fun...
Bragging rights ensued
The heights of Ingress Olympus were reached

Along the way I've met a number of great people from both factions (too many to name but the #Lites deserve a special mention), I discovered new places and had a second look at  places I thought I new well.
SGV Enlightened - you rule! Thank you for being a part of this awesome team!
Hope to see you all in Pasadena in March!
#ingressversary   #PasadenaENL   #LaPanda   #SGVEnlightened   #SoCalEnlightened   #Shonin  
+James Pyle​​ +Victoria Pyle​​  +Rick M+Joel Lopez​​​ +Wendy Pyle​​ +Nader Eldahaby​​ +E Boogie​​ +Noel B​​ +Rui Diaz​​ +q morote​​ +Mike Sanchez​​ +Jordan N +Joe T​​​ +Kevin Wojta​​  and many, many more...
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Thank you James!
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Fabulousness  - 
Krzysztof B originally shared:
We'll meet in the City of West Hollywood to commemorate the Stone Wall Riots of June 28, 1969, make rainbow portals and have drink afterwards. This will be a cross-faction event, all are welcome. 
For those who cannot meet us there, feel free to make rainbow portals wherever you can and post images here with #rainbowportals 
+Ingress +Brian Rose +Joe Philley 
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It's pride month and Niantic has blessed us with rainbow resonator links. Are there any plans to have a global cross faction event, that would coincide with the celebrations on June 28th? 
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Because of different times zones we could make it an all day event and either work with the opposite faction on the same portals or pick different areas for each faction. It would be nice to see participation everywhere not only in gay neighborhoods. We're thinking of having an event in West Hollywood on Sunday.
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Some days in the lab are more fun than others
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How much is that street value? 
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The perpetrator of yesterday's terrorist strike was captured a few hours ago, and the bodies of the dead have not yet been buried, and already I'm seeing a refrain pop up in news coverage and in people's comments: How do we understand this killer? What made him turn out this way? Was he mentally ill, was he on drugs, was he abused, was he influenced by someone in his life? Were his motivations about politics, religion, personal relationships, psychological? We can't form opinions about why he did this yet; we shouldn't assume that, just because [insert thing here], it was about race.

You might mistake this, at first, for a genuine interest in understanding the motivations that would turn a young man into a terrorist and a mass murderer. But when other kinds of terrorists -- say, Muslims from Afghanistan -- commit atrocities, the very same people who are asking these questions are asking completely different ones: Why are Muslims so violent? What is it in Islam that makes them so prone to hating America, hating Christianity, hating Freedom?

I think that there are two, very important, things going on here. The more basic one is that, when terrorists are from a group you've never met, it's far easier to ascribe their behavior to the whole group; if it's from a group you know, and you know that the average member of that group isn't malicious or bloodthirsty, then people start asking individual questions. 

But the more important one is that the group that this terrorist belonged to was not merely familiar: it's the same group to which most of the people asking the questions belong. Not merely the same broad group -- "Muslims" and "Christians" are groups of over a billion people each, groups far too broad to have any deep commonalities -- but a far narrower group, a group with a common culture. And there's a reason that people don't want to ask "What is it about this group that caused it:" because in this case, there's a real answer.

The picture you see below is of the Confederate flag which the state of South Carolina flies on the grounds of its state house, and has ever since 1962. (That's 1962, not 1862: it was put there in response to the Civil Rights movement, not to the Civil War) Today, all of the state flags in that state are at half mast; only the Confederate flag is flying at full mast.

The state government itself is making explicit its opinion on the matter: while there may be formal mourning for the dead, this is a day when the flag of white supremacy can fly high. When even the government, in its formal and official behavior, condones this, can we really be surprised that terrorists are encouraged? (Terrorists, plural, as this is far from an isolated incident; even setting aside the official and quasi-official acts of governments, the history of terror attacks and even pogroms in this country is utterly terrifying)

Chauncey DeVega asked some excellent questions in his article at Salon (; among them,

1. What is radicalizing white men to commit such acts of domestic terrorism and mass shootings? Are Fox News and the right-wing media encouraging violence?

6. When will white leadership step up and stop white right-wing domestic terrorism?

7. Is White American culture pathological? Why is White America so violent?

8. Are there appropriate role models for white men and boys? Could better role models and mentoring help to prevent white men and boys from committing mass shootings and being seduced by right-wing domestic terrorism?

The callout of Fox News in particular is not accidental: they host more hate-filled preachers and advocates of violence, both circuitous and explicit, than Al Jazeera. 

There is a culture which has advocated, permitted, protected, and enshrined terrorists in this country since its founding. Its members and advocates are not apologetic in their actions; they only complain that they might be "called racist," when clearly they aren't, calling someone racist is just a way to shut down their perfectly reasonable conversation and insult them, don't you know?

No: This is bullshit, plain and simple. It is a culture which believes that black and white Americans are not part of the same polity, that they must be kept apart, and that the blacks must be and remain subservient. That robbing or murdering them is permissible, that quiet manipulations of the law to make sure that "the wrong people" don't show up in "our neighborhoods," or take "our money," or otherwise overstep their bounds, are not merely permissible, but the things that we do in order to keep society going. That black faces and bodies are inherently threatening, and so both police and private citizens have good reason to be scared when they see them, so that killing them -- whether they're young men who weren't docile enough at a traffic stop or young children playing in the park -- is at most a tragic, but understandable, mistake.

I have seen this kind of politics before. I watch a terrorist attack on a black church in Charleston, and it gives me the same fear that I get when I see a terrorist attack against a synagogue: the people who come after one group will come after you next.

This rift -- this seeing our country as being built of two distinct polities, with the success of one having nothing to do with the success of the other or of the whole -- is the poison which has been eating at the core of American society for centuries. It is the origin of our most bizarre laws, from weapons laws to drug policies to housing policy, and to all of the things which upon rational examination appear simply perverse. How many of the laws which seem to make no sense make perfect sense if you look at them on the assumption that their real purpose is to enforce racial boundaries? I do not believe that people are stupid: I do not believe that lawmakers pass laws that go against their stated purpose because they can't figure that out. I believe that they pass laws, and that people encourage and demand laws, because consciously or subconsciously, they know what kind of world they will create.

We tend to reserve the word "white supremacy" for only the most extreme organizations, the ones who are far enough out there that even the fiercest "mainstream" advocates of racism can claim no ties to them. But that, ultimately, is bullshit as well. This is what it is, this is the culture which creates, and encourages, and coddles terrorists. And until we have excised this from our country, it will poison us every day.

First and foremost, what we need to do is discuss it. If there's one thing I've seen, it's that discussing race in my posts is the most inflammatory thing I could possibly do: people become upset when I mention it, say I'm "making things about race" or trying to falsely imply that they're racists or something like that. 

When there's something you're afraid to discuss, when there's something that upsets you when it merely comes onto the table: That's the thing you need to talk about. That's the thing that has to come out there, in the open.

We've entered a weird phase in American history where overt statements of racism are forbidden, so instead people go to Byzantine lengths to pretend that that isn't what it is. But that just lets the worm gnaw deeper. Sunshine is what lets us move forward.

And the flag below? So long as people can claim with a straight face that this is "just about heritage," that it isn't somehow a blatant symbol of racism, we know that there is bullshit afloat in our midst.

The flag itself needs to come down; not with ceremony, it simply needs to be taken down, burned, and consigned to the garbage bin.
"The stars and bars promised lynching, police violence against protestors and others. And violence against churches."
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That was a great article, thanks for sharing +Eric Milliken​!
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Thank you all for coming out to Pasadena today, hope you all had a great time! Special thanks to Agents @Konstantine and @zuur for the swag.
Final tally: 11 levels and 2682807 AP gained. Enl Agent @mocomochee gained two levels, Res Agent @PadraigOmalley gained the most AP (226122).
Thanks to all who helped make this event happen, and especially to: +Val Henderson +Wendy Pyle +Neal Henderson +Charles Loop +Sean Cortinovis 

Event photos can be found inder this link: 

The first Saturday event was in a true cross-faction spirit. Both factions came together in support of +Max Meier, III and raised $325 toward the goal of getting Resistance Agent GiMpStEr a new wheelchair. A shout-out to Res Agent DIEDoll (+Lynn PresheaLynn Creager ). If any of you would like to donate, please do so at

#IngressFS #wheelsToTheMax +Brian Rose +Joe Philley 
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Think twice before you decide against vaccinating yourself or your child. Not only do you endanger your own family, but also people around you.
California’s epidemic of vaccine denial, mapped.

Since California provides district-level vaccination data going back to 2000, it's also possible to map the spread of anti-vaccine sentiment over time. Check out the three maps below.
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Thank you SoCal Enlightened, and especially +Joe T​​​
#LaPanda #Ingress
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Oops someone let the troll out
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