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Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Researchers at the University of Sydney have discovered a way to get a 300 qubit system to maintain an observable quantum state. That's 300 beryllium ions arranged in a flat plane. As far as I'm aware, the largest structure they could build without losing quantum interactions was 15 qubits.

A 300 qubit structure has the potential to be 10 to the 18 times more powerful than existing supercomputers. Or, as they say in the article, a standard model computer the size of the entire universe.

Just... staggering!
The quantum future is crystal clear: Tiny crystal revolutionises computing. By Katynna Gill 26 April 2012. Computing technology has taken a huge leap forward thanks to a tiny crystal of trapped ions u...
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Absolutely incredible. I love science!
USyd looks like Hogwarts. This is just magic.
Quantum computing apps could be called 'Quapps'.
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