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The Right Vehicle | The Right Deal | We Make It Easy | To Get Into A Ford
#NewVehicles   #fordf150 #Toronto #Thornhill #GTA #YorkRegion

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Good God this is quite good.

+Paul Snedden originally shared:

Australian Slang Quiz

How well do you know it?

This one should be fairly simple for the Aussies among us, so it's a Friday Fun One :)

As always, the answers are below. No cheating. Leave your scores in the comments.

Question One - What is a Bikkie?
A) A Dance
B) A Biscuit
C) Breakfast

Question Two - What is a Franger?
A) A Sausage
B) A French Person
C) A Condom

Question Three - What is a Pash?
A) Kiss
B) Drunk
C) Motorised Scooter

Question Four - What is Moolah?
A) A Crazy Person
B) Lunch
C) Money

Question Five - What does it mean to be Cactus?
A) Very cheap
B) Someone who's very rude
C) Broken

Question Six - What is a Dunny?
A) Toilet
B) "I don't know"
C) An idiot

Question Seven - What is a Tinny?
A) An old car
B) A beer can
C) Having no money

Question Eight - What is Chunder?
A) Vomit
B) A drunk person
C) An afternoon party

Question Nine - What is an Arvo?
A) An avocado
B) A Beer
C) Afternoon

Question Ten - What is a Sanger/Sanga?
A) Someone who is angry
B) A Sandwich
C) A soccer ball

Question Eleven - What is a Yobbo?
A) A dropkick
B) A barbeque
C) Going to the beach at night

Question Twelve - What is Fair Dinkum?
A) Amazing
B) True
C) Attractive

Question Thirteen - What is Stoked?
A) Fat
B) Drunk
C) Pleased

Question Fourteen - What is a Bludger?
A) Someone lazy
B) A cricket bat
C) Someone under the age of 18

Question Fifteen - What is Grog?
A) An idiot
B) A hangover
C) Alchohol

Question Sixteen - What is Bonza?
A) A present
B) Really great
C) A mistake

Question Seventeen - What is a Bottle-O?
A) A Bottle opener
B) A type of wine bottle
C) A bottle shop

Question Eighteen - What is a Ute?
A) An ugly person
B) A flatbed truck
C) A toolbox

Question Nineteen - What is a Cozzie?
A) A student
B) A beer and lemonade
C) A swimsuit

Question Twenty - What is a Clacker?
A) A lighter
B) A butthole
C) A TV remote

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ANSWERS FOLLOW ========- 

1. B - A Biscuit
2. C - A Condom
3. A - Kiss
4. C - Money
5. C - Broken
6. A - A Toilet
7. B - A Beer Can
8. A - Vomit
9. C - Afternoon
10. B - A Sandwich
11. A - A Dropkick
12. B - True
13. C - Pleased
14. A - Someone Lazy
15. C - Grog
16. B - Really great
17. C - A bottle shop
18. B - A Flatbed Truck
19. C - A Swimsuit
20. B - A Butthole

So, how'd you go?

#AboutAustralia  - or

#australia   #downunder   #dinkidi   #straya   #oz   #aussie  

( Via +BuzzFeed )

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I like the "REFCON" reference to Reformmmmmmm Party.

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Quite humerus

+Pierre Far originally shared:

Aaaaah, so this is physics. Got it.

Paging +Sasch Mayer

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October 19 Cannot Come Soon Enough. I just hope enough people vote and that the vote is not split allowing Harper to win a minority with 30 some percent.

+Mud hooks originally shared:

+Tim Hunt

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IMHO The Sneaky Dealings & Backroom Politics is the Primary Reason Mr. Harper Needs to Go

+Michael Geist originally shared:

This past weekend was a busy one politically as Canada was launched into a lengthy election campaign just as countries negotiating the latest round of Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations in Hawaii failed to conclude a deal. With reports that there may…

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+Kevin Green originally shared:

Giant Minion Causes Traffic Chaos In Ireland

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Keep Stuff Like This In Mind When You Vote On October 19

Some May Think This Might Be For The better. The real damage is we are once again giving contol of our traditions to foreign nationals.

+Beverly Andrews originally shared:

Might be for the best.....

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Pre-Order | Zelda Wii-U | December 2016 |  Amazon Knows? 

Is It A Mistake - Perhaps Amazon made a typo - Well we can hope

#nintendo   #zelda   #wiiu
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