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Getting a new lens as my grad present from Jess. Still trying to decide, but leaning towards this:

Thoughts? Opinions? ( cc +Aaron Hockley )

P.S. Not a professional, just an enthusiastic amateur.
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I've heard good things about that lens, it's pretty good for a lens of that zoom range (normally the longer the zoom range, the worse the image quality).
Depends what you like to do with it. I have the 18-200VR Nikon lens, and the range is great. But the huge number of lens elements needed creates a lot of noise i out-of-focus areas. So it's perfect for things like sports or action shots. But for portrature, nature, still photography that employs more depth-of-field, I'd go with a pro-grade, wide-aperature fixed lens. 35mm, 50mm or 80mm
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I do love me some DoF, but as an amateur, I can't really justify an L right now. Mostly, I want to level up from my kit lens and have more options. From the reviews, it seems like enough amateurs have been happy with this-- especially as a vacation/ all around lens that I'll probably go with it, knowing the issues.

Can't have everything (as much as that pains me :).
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