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Google’s India story, and how Sundar Pichai might help
With Sundar Pichai at the helm, Google’s India connect has got a huge boost. That also makes great business sense for Google — India, after all, is the second largest market for the world’s largest online search and advertising company. To understand why India is so significant, one needs to understand how Google works. Google pretty much dominates the Internet landscape — with its Search holding the key to traffic for most web sites, and AdSense locking the monetisation opportunities. However, growth for Google is dependent on the growth of the Internet. Only when there are more people online will it get more pages to serve ads on, and more search queries to monetise. That is why the company is always talking about taking the Internet to places where it is not currently available. 
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Why there’s a huge gulf between Modi’s 'Digital India' dream and reality
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Digital India programme has many new components and is not just reclamation of UPA’s NeGP - See more at:
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India IT companies seek booster shot from Obamacare

MUMBAI: India's IT outsourcing firms are betting on US president Barack Obama's healthcare reform to rev up revenue growth which is slowing as the $146 billion industry's key financial and manufacturing clients spend less on software services.

The United States is the biggest market for the outsourcing industry, which is dominated by Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Infosys and Wipro.

It also accounts for 90% of all healthcare related contracts, which researchers Everest Group expect to more than double to about $68 billion in 2020 from nearly $31 billion two years ago, largely due to 'Obamacare.' For more:
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CASE STUDY 2: ‪#‎Walkability‬
Center for Transport Studies (South Africa) wished to create a mobile Application to assess the walkability conditions of the roads and footpaths based on the feedback of the pedestrians. They selected Kriti Solutions to develop a comprehensive mobile application on Android platform to assess the walkability conditions.
Application Requirement:
A location aware Android app is required to track routes and allow for input of user ratings of the built environment
* It is required that the mobile application fulfil the following requirements:
# Tracking of routes, when the user carrying the phone is engaged in activity. It is required that the application does this when route tracking is switched on both in the open state and when it is running in the background
# Input of user ratings of a series of questions regarding their walking routes
# Route data, and point data would need to be exported in GPX format and synced with a server
Kriti Solutions’ mobility team developed a custom application for Android phones and Tablets that helps the pedestrians assess the condition of roads and traffic using the camera in their mobile phones and provide their feedback via a questionnaire designed to capture feedback on a 5 point likert scale.
The app is already generating positive results for the Traffic department to assess the condition of the roads and helping them to analyze the problems and improve the walkability conditions.
Cost Savings:
The Department compared the cost of employing full-time study managers across different study sites with the cost of mobile app development from Kriti Solutions and found the cost of the mobile application developed by Kriti Solutions to be at least 50% less over the complete life cycle of the project.
Overall, the Transport department is extremely pleased with the implementation process and the benefits delivered by the new custom app. They Share: “What we are doing with Kriti Solutions and the tools that we are now using to collect the data are better than anything that we have ever used. Traditionally, data management in these big studies has always been done from the ground up with redundant systems. Kriti Solutions put together a framework that allows us to accomplish everything we need to do faster, while saving us thousands of dollars and laying the groundwork for future studies.”
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‪#‎AndroidApplication‬ to detect early signs/symptoms of " Autism " (BACHPAN) in children
Application Requirement: Client wanted an application that could help the parents to detect and identify the early signs of Autism in their children. The application would have some pre-recorded sound videos, after playing the video the application would prompt the user to imitate the same words as in the video and then record the child’s voice, after the sound is recorded it would be tested to identify the signs of Autism in the child.
Solution: KRITI Solution’s mobile applications development team worked out an easy to use application to help detect the early signs of Autism in children.
1. The application first prompts the user to create an account by entering a Username and password.
2. After creating an account and signing in the application asks the user to take tests by clicking on one of the many videos that shows how to pronounce some specific words.
3. After listening to the video the user is prompted to record his voice and imitate the same words that are heard in the video. The application also has features to record the behavior of the child.
4. The user can then record his sound and behavior and see the video, if he feels fine to submit the recording he can click on the submit button to end the recording and submit it for testing the signs of Autism or he can record the video once again.
5. The user will be able to see results for each test taken on his profile screen.
Results: The application is very helpful to parents as well as physicians in detecting the early signs of Autism in a child and treat him accordingly.
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#Instagram could be a $2 billion business next year

Facebook’s Instagram deal keeps looking better.
Acquired three years ago with fewer than 80 million users, Instagram now boasts more than 300 million active users globally. And it’s showing signs of becoming a real business.
Instagram could generate at least $2 billion in advertising revenue next year, RBC analyst Mark Mahaney estimates today in a research report about Facebook’s untapped opportunities. For context, $2 billion is almost 10% the amount Wall Street is estimating for all of Facebook’s 2016 revenue. It’s also double the $1 billion that Facebook famously offered for Instagram in 2012—which was a surprising number at the time.
“That may sound way too aggressive, and is highly contingent on how quickly Facebook decides to monetize Instagram,” Mahaney writes. “But we believe it accurately represents the potential contribution from Instagram Monetization (#nofilter).”
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We combine different #Digital #Marketing and Public relation skills to craft exactly right PROFILE FOR YOU; which will create a desired profile for you. This will also include “Clean up” services which will remove negative remarks or unwanted profiles created by you in past.
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8 Thing You Must Do For On-Page Optimization

#Seo #seopackages
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