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Helping entrepreneurs, bloggers & small businesses kick ass through creative brand awareness.
Helping entrepreneurs, bloggers & small businesses kick ass through creative brand awareness.


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My friends, today on She Eats​ I bequeath to you a quick, delicious & seasonal recipe for Fresh Spring Radish & Ricotta Crostini

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One of my most favourite real food meals in the world involves any mixture of seasonal, organically grown vegetables, some fresh cheese and a loaf of artisan bread.

#Crostini #CheeseAndBread #RadishAndRicotta #SpringRecipes  

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After a recent blog post by Tiffany at Don't Waste the Crumbs, I got all hot and bothered. And not in a sexy way.

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Her compelling article, 14 Facts the Organic Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know, was in fact compelling enough to warrant a very heated discussion in the comment section on her blog, multiple link backs from other bloggers, a massive Facebook uproar, this blog post and even a direct response from the Organic Trade Organization itself. Much of the response hasn’t been admirable.

This is my two cents on She Eats​: The Organic Food Myth

#organic #organicfood #Nongmo #foodpolitics  

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Today I'm sharing a culinary blog tour with you! 3 stellar food blogs you should definitely be salivating over!

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#FoodBlogs #Recipes #Blogging  

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You know, even though I'm self employed I still get hit with a case of the Mondays. And when that happens, I drink fennel.

Bottoms up (get the recipe) -->

 Or at least I drink fennel in vodka. Infused and shit. Because that's how I roll. How about you? Do you drink your vegetables? Ever try making an infusion?

My new blog post - The Fenhound - is a fresh spin on the classic Salty Dog Cocktail (aka a greyhound) and contains fennel infused vodka, fresh grapefruit juice & delicious cane sugar rim. Who's thirsty?

#Cocktails #Greyhound #SaltyDog #VodkaCocktails  

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Holy crap you guys. So ohksocialmedia is no more. We're now PEPPERCORN CREATIVE.

Visit the new site ->

 That's right. I named my design & social media company after gritty, spicy little seeds. Why? Because they're deeeeelicious! Aren't you EXCITED?! Check out the new design, services and general badassery on the site. I'm kind of peeing my pants right now. And SO stoked to bring you a better, more helpful, beautiful and super awesome service! Woot! Happy weekend all!

Visit the new site ->

#WebsiteDesign #SmallBiz #Rebranding #SocialMedia  

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This recipe for black bean burgers that will knock your socks off!

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Okay, it probably won’t do that. I don’t know any food that will literally knock your socks clean off. Getting hit by a moving vehicle? Perhaps. Food? No. But it WILL be delicious and leave you feeling full, satisfied and a whole lot of good. And I’m not even a vegetarian. Plus they’re tasty to boot.

#BlackBeanBurgers #BlackBeanVeggieBurgers #VeggieBurgers #Recipe #FoodBlog  

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5 Ways to Improve SEO & Get Your Blog Seen (for free)!

So Google is changing a LOT of the ways we show up in their search engines. As per usual - this isn't news. What IS news is that there are things you can be doing as a blogger, freelancer and small business person on your website that will improve your SEO and thus your chances of showing up higher in Google. Here are 5 of them:

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Quick and Dirty (how I like it):
1. Invest in a Good Flippin’ Website Design.
2. Maintain and update your site. For the love of god.
3. Get social.
4. Write blog posts.
5. Write for Others! (and have ‘em write for you).

#SEO #SEOTips #ImproveSEO #VancouverSEOCompany  

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My good friends at +Worldanimal Protection are letting the Good Eggs Roll for Pancake Tuesday. I'm down. They taste better, the chickens are happier (and how cute are chickens?! too cute) and the pancakes are flufflier. Taste better, happier, fluffier. Like life should be wink emoticon Am I right?

#ChooseCageFree #FoodMatters #PasturedEggs #PancakeDay  

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So proud of kaitlyn here! You want stationary and all things snail mail & mail art, she's your gal.

#SnailMail #MailArt #Crafting  
via death to stock THE TRUTH In all honesty, I've never truly thought of my stationery shop as a business. I think of it as a hobby; a creative outlet. A place where I can hawk my goods so that I'm not forcing them on friends and family, or piling them in m...
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