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I wish they would do this. If all the other partners dropped Android I would just buy from Motorola instead. Yes Samsung could pick up WM, or blackberry, but I wouldnt want that. I would stick with the operating system I know and like.
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I doubt they will do this.. it would seriously hurt them, one of the reasons Android has done so well is that there are just so many options for it. This is also one of the reasons I will not buy a fruit phone.
Its a catch 22. Its also a reason for untimely updates, and MAJOR fragmentation. Also no control over hardware performance.

Honestly I have been a Android supporter since the G1, but the older I get and more Im with the phone, the things I stated above are starting to bother me so much that Im looking at iPhones.

Other manufactures could still produce their skinned phones, and offer different hardware configurations, but Moto could ne Nexus everything and offer a verity of phones with different features and price levels.

Also unless Samsung and HTC are willing to be exclusively Android(which they wont), I think Google SHOULD go forward with that plan, and Google has no promises from them for long term.
I agree the major phone makers and carriers have been slow with the updates, its just ridiculous, of course it doesn't suit their business models either. I do not believe the fragmentation is really an issue... and what is Google going to do? Be like apple and just cut them off? That is in fact, what apple usually does.. cuts you off, and says you want an upgrade to blah blah blah OS? Well... you gotta buy the new computer, and the mac people just go with it.
+James Cowan I think by using Moto a as a competitor, (so long as all software is released to everyone at the same time), could help push companies like HTC, and Samsung to get updates out quicker. Just think of Motorola, had say 3 different phones at different price levels with different screen sizes, and a 7" and 10" tablet all on stock android as Google Experience devices. Software updates would be able to be pushed the day after they are released (similar to iOS) and would produce a quality device similar to Nexus devices. In turn it would force the others to push out updates quickly and in a timely manner to stay competitive. This would also strengthen the Android brand as it would fix a lot of complaints by the major mobile/tech sites.(they still need to work on the OS's overall polish)
I really like that idea too. As long as the products are worthy, no need for 300 different phones a year.
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