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Thank you (: They have a great collection, but these are my fav. Google shoes for Spring? I think so!
Ah Linn
If the google sign was gone they'd be raw and beast
I like EM but dey don't Mach muck but is black and red den hell to the yes
i just dont think I could pull those off
I need to see your winter line. :)
I'd rock these. They remind me of the early episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
I am pretty sure I could sell at least 50 pair in my neighborhood as Google is a big deal here!
I like the Facebook ones and the Android one.
These will look good with my new Google sun glasses.
i just looked at the price. its kinda expensive
iiiiiiiiiffff dis cms in the market, den it's Rock and Hang out evry one
selling shoes and selling information both are good profession
So expensive, but I want most of them.
So awesome, i'd sport em.
Google Shoes Have GPS Connectivity and you can connect your shoes with Any Android Device. It will auto sync with your Latitude :P
What a beautiful nike shoes, I have not seen yet, Taddy bear skiker, I like it most, I simply comes to a dream land.
Shut up and take my money... right now.
awesome shoes! would love a pair <3
they are snazzy (and not a little ugly)
I might like them if they were any other manufacturer. Adidas, Puma,...
They are Sick! Love 'em!
真心丑!it's so ugly
All IT'S should make theese part of their uniform
nice. but may be too expensive
Checked out the site! Good gracious almighty! Huge selection of Nike's w/ great graphics not seen anywhere period! I recommend!
Google shoes? nice.
Do want the Chrome or Android shoes!!! But they cost way too much!
the best one to have G+ on our feet...
Olympiakos ones are awesome
These are awesome! I might pick up a pair and make the others in the office jealous :)
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