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How Important Should Google+ View Count be to You?
As some of you may have noticed view counts now appear on Google+ pages and profiles next to the follower count. What are Google+ view count numbers?

In this comprehensive blog post by +Mark Traphagen we get some insight into:

> What are view counts and what generates them?
> Why did Google+ implemented them?
> How do you evaluate them?
> Why have they replaced the Page +1 count?
> How important are they to you?

... a view count may be a good indication of whether or not a particular user or brand is actually creating engaging content and is active on Google+. If I see someone with a lot of followers but a relatively low view count, I’ll be suspicious that they may be gaming followers instead of earning them. - Mark Traphagen, Sr. Director of Online Marketing for +Stone Temple Consulting.

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Awesome share, +Kristoffer Howes - there's been so much noise surrounding this topic over the past few days, it's been difficult to cut through all the conversation and find a concise analysis, but - as usual - +Mark Traphagen's longform article does an excellent job of that.

I'm still a little skeptical, but the V2F rating seems like a pretty decent way to look at it. Then again, like Traphagen said, there's always exceptions to formulas like that, and at the end of the day it's just one signal, which will never give you a full picture alone.
100% agreed +Zbra Studios. When something like View Count is introduced everybody scrambles to gain insight and understanding. For those of us who have +Mark Traphagen circled, we can always count on his straightforward opinion and expert analysis. A fine example of this was his dissection of the V2F rating and exposing its flaws. It definitely reinforces the fact that businesses/brands should not rely upon just one metric, like the new view count to gauge the success of their G+ marketing efforts. However, with that being said, Mark also noted that it could certainly be used to determine whether or not a particular user or brand is actually creating engaging content and is active on Google+.
OK, +Kristoffer Howes, you got me, and I'll rephriase: I'm pretty much in the "view count isn't useful/insightful" camp... ;-D
Thanks for the share and the cool quote graphic +Kristoffer Howes - would you mind if I put that graphic into my article for Pinterest sharing?
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