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5 Benefits Twitter's New Profile Offers Marketers
Twitter has unveiled a major profile change that allows us to use much more space on the screen, relies heavily on photos, and perhaps most importantly, allows us to say and show much more about ourselves; than the old timeline did.

The big question we are asking ourselves as marketers is, how can we make the new Twitter profile settings work better for us?

Yes, many people have commented on the Facebook similarities. This can be a good thing though. Embrace it. In fact, it would be wise to find ways to integrate your Facebook and Twitter profiles, so that you achieve balance and harmony between the two very popular platforms. With that being said, the new profile format allows for some truly amazing benefits for social media marketers.

1. Select a REALLY GOOD image to use. Much like Facebook, Twitter now allows us to post a larger cover photo, at the top of our profile. Do not waste valuable characters telling people what your business is about, choose a descriptive image that effectively conveys the message for you. Recommended size is 1500 x 500.

2. Pin your favorite Tweet/s at the top. The new Twitter profile allows us to pin your favorite tweet, or better yet, a tweet advertising your latest product or sale at the top of your page; where every visitor will see it.

3. Find your best Tweets and study them. Twitter will automatically enlarge your Tweets that receive the most engagement. Seek-out them out and determine what they did best to engage the audience.

4. Filter other businesses' timelines. Twitter now allows us to filter through other people's timelines by tweet, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies. Utilize this to "get a feel" for how others are using Twitter effectively.

5. Share more multi-media posts. The fact that Twitter has moved to a more visual presentation, it has become increasingly important to include captivating images and videos to convey a message.

The most important thing for us to do, is to stop thinking "linearly." Before, Twitter was all about chronology. With its new design, chronology has taken a back seat to RELEVANCE.

Original post:

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Woo hoo! Woke up this morning with the new profile on my personal Twitter account. #thankyoutwitter
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Must Do List For Creating Infographics
Even if you have a specific group in mind, it is possible that a wider audience may view your infographic. Here are 5 things you must do to ensure your presentation is easy for everyone to understand.

1. Make use of pictures and graphics to present your data in a manner that is stimulating, as well as; easy to understand, appreciate and enjoy.

2. Tell a story using visual elements, in a way that people will find appealing.

3. Use original graphics. If you cannot make your own graphics/images, hire a freelance artist to create original art, at an affordable price.

4. Use the 3-color palette rule. Choose a light background color, and then 2 complimenting colors to make distinctions.

5. Do not be satisfied with anything "Ordinary." Be creative and remarkable.

Although you may intend for only a specific group of people to view, understand and appreciate the information you are presenting, the fact is that your infographic is likely to be viewed by a much wider audience. Do not miss out on these opportunities. Make certain that the information found in your infographic is presented in a manner that almost anyone can relate to and understand.

Learn more:

Full-size infographic:


h/t: +Weal Media.

#infographicsdesign   #infographictips   #visualcontent
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How Important Should Google+ View Count be to You?
As some of you may have noticed view counts now appear on Google+ pages and profiles next to the follower count. What are Google+ view count numbers?

In this comprehensive blog post by +Mark Traphagen we get some insight into:

> What are view counts and what generates them?
> Why did Google+ implemented them?
> How do you evaluate them?
> Why have they replaced the Page +1 count?
> How important are they to you?

... a view count may be a good indication of whether or not a particular user or brand is actually creating engaging content and is active on Google+. If I see someone with a lot of followers but a relatively low view count, I’ll be suspicious that they may be gaming followers instead of earning them. - Mark Traphagen, Sr. Director of Online Marketing for +Stone Temple Consulting.

Learn more:

#googleplusviews   #viewcount   #googleplusprofile
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Thanks +Kristoffer Howes 
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Browse and Buy With Google+ Shoppable Hangout
On +Stone Temple Consulting's Digital Marketing Excellence Show today, +Eric Enge and +Ronnie Bincer discussed Shoppable Hangouts with Google's Ria Tobaccowala. A natural fit for retailers, Shoppable Hangout is a combination of Google Shopping List and Google Hangouts, that creates a Social Shopping (or Social Commerce) experience whereby consumers can interact with a business' products and enjoy a special brand experience.

Google Shopping Short List + Google Hangouts = Shoppable Hangout

On the right-hand-side of the hangout screen, 3 promotion areas display clickable tiles (images) that display products. When selected, these will lead (in a different window) to a "Google Shopping Shortlist kind-of product" where participants can look and browse a collection of products. When selected, these will lead to the business' or brand's product page. It has been suggested that these might also be useful to introduce other types of content.

Since Shoppable Hangout is just in the Beta stage, only a limited number of brands have had the good fortune of enjoying the social shopping experience. Albeit the number of Shoppable Hangout experiences have been small (17 to date), the feedback has been huge.

Participating brands reported:

> increase website traffic
> brand recognition/brand value
> social media buzz
> increased engagement (during HOA)

Because using Shoppable Hangout is an App (like the Q&A app), it requires nothing special to enjoy. IN FACT, the audience can participate (browse and buy) without a Google+ account. On the other hand, the host of the Shoppable HOA must:

> have an e-commerce website
> provide links for the tiles
> have a product page that receives payments

For more information about Shoppable Hangout, circle +Ria Tobaccowala.

Note: Once the live Shoppable HOA is complete the special watch page, with tiles and links, does not transfer to YouTube. However, as Ria suggested, annotations would likely work well.

My blog post:

#shoppablehangout   #hangoutsonair   #socialshopping
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+Hart SD did you see these 5 examples of big brands doing Shoppable HOA?
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"Products are made; services are delivered. Products are used; services are experienced." Here is a story to prove it:

In downtown Toronto (Canada) there is a legendary bagel shop, affectionately known to a few, as The Dirty Bagel. This title clearly distinguished it from a similar uptown restaurant named The Bagel which, "back-in-the-day", served similar meals to upper-middle-class women when they weren't taking their kids to the doctor, dentist or hockey practice.

As I recall, the downtown version was old, grimy, and well worn; while the uptown version was new, nicely lit, and ... cleaner. The waitresses in the new restaurant were middle-aged, chewed gum, had pencils stuck behind their ears and called everyone "Hon." The waitresses in the downtown version were old, spoke with thick European accents, and were just plain nasty. If you asked for an extra pad of butter or more cream for your coffee, instead of getting a "yeah, sure thing Hon" you would most likely hear something like, "Sophia, listen to Mr. Big Shot over here; he wants more butter. Hope he knows a good heart doctor ...” and as she turned to leave, you would likely hear some Yiddish profanity spoken under her breath.

Why would rich, privileged citizens who owned their own businesses, wore expensive silk suits, and drove Lincoln Continentals, put-up with a group of nasty old ladies who tossed plates on the table like curling stones and treated them like inmates? It was for THE EXPERIENCE.

The experience is what kept them coming back time and again. The loyal patron businessmen who attended The Dirty Bagel were old school, not an MBA in the lot. They survived the Depression and built successful businesses with little or no formal business education; profiting in conditions that were both hostile and perverse. But, no matter how successful they had become, they always remembered their beginnings and what was really important to them.

These men were characters who built businesses by force of personality and shrewd decision-making. The Dirty Bagel offered them an experience that kept them grounded and reminded them of the winding road to success.

That is the power of an "experience" (and a quick lesson in humility).

But, how does this relate to your social media efforts?

Consider this. Too many marketers have a sterile, functionally redundant, and generally impersonal approach that often lacks any kind of meaningful experience for the audience. In my experience, business owners who spend an unproductive amount of time concerning themselves with driving consumer traffic to their website often discount what happens when shoppers arrive.

If you provide your online audience with a unique experience, this is something your competition can’t steal from you. On the other hand, if all you provide your visitors is a commodity; eventually somebody else will produce that commodity cheaper and faster. If this is the case, you will very likely find yourself eating at your own version of The Dirty Bagel; not because you want to remind yourself of where you came from, but rather where you’re going.

#socialmediamarketing   #buildingrelationships   #wonderfulexperience
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Thanks +Kristoffer Howes - certainly good to know that someone takes us seriously! ;->
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Where is the Value in Using Hashtags?
Have you tried using hashtags to avoid ambiguity, convey emotion and contextualize what is not immediately obvious in your social media posts?

In my mind, a hashtag's true value is found in its ability to:

1. Convey Emotion and/or Personal Expression: In a 2013 study, 40.7% of respondents reported using hashtags for communicating personal ideas and feelings.

2. Avoid Ambiguity in Interpreting a Post: For the most part, "social" interactions are devoid of emotion, and as such; can unintentionally open the door to misinterpretation. Including a single hashtag can help avoid a misunderstanding.

3. Deliver an Unspoken Message: A hashtag can add feeling or ambiance to the information you are sharing, particularly if it is an image or graphic that is not accompanied by text, or text that is not accompanied by an image.

Learn more about introducing hashtags to your posts, that will capture the audience's attention and contextualize what is not immediately obvious in your message:

Watch Social Media & SEO, Hashtags, Google+ Views, SMMW Conference Wrapup: Social Media Hangout #4 for more views on hashtags from +Ben Fisher, +Andrij Harasewych, +Mark Traphagen. +Eric Enge and +Dustin W. Stout.

#ilovehashtags   #whereisthevalue   #hashtagetiquette
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They certainly are +Vovia. Some of my favorites are from TV programs. My family uses them often for  #dogthebountyhunter , #duckdynasty  and of course, #wwe   #mondaynightraw  and #fridaynightsmackdown . They are a great way of bring the audience together for the event.
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Get More Engagement With "and therefore" Content
Your new motivation as a content marketer is to provide an aha! moment for your audience. Sadly, at the moment the majority of content seen on blogs include:

> "How to" posts break something down into easy-to-follow steps
> List posts give quick tips, usually with a number in the title.
> Rant posts.
> I don't have anything to say posts are made up (almost) entirely of interview or expert quotes.

What do all of these have in common? They are common. How do you break the monotony? "...and therefore" content.

In order to be successful at generating "...and therefore" content, you must go beyond reporting something new or explaining how to do something. Using this approach, you must offer an analysis into why the matter is important, and what it might mean to your audience.

In doing so you can expect that the "...and therefore" content will:

> be more widely shared and commented on immediately after being published.
> have a much longer "atomic half-life" as +Jay Baer calls it.

Learn more from +Mark Traphagen here:

#contentmarketingstrategy   #expertadvice   #marktraphagen
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Thanks +Kristoffer Howes - that's a relief to hear!
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Sorry We Missed SM-Hangout Last Week.
As many of you noticed, because of scheduling and commitments, we missed our weekly +Social Media Hangout yesterday (Sunday). To make it up to you, we created this entertaining video with +Mark Traphagen, +Eric Enge, +Andrij Harasewych, +Ben Fisher and +Dustin W. Stout. Sadly, +Ryan Crowe and I were operating cameras and producing. ;-)

We hope that you will enjoy this video, while waiting for episode 4 on Sunday, April 6th, 2014 <- I am looking forward to seeing you all there.

cc: +Stone Temple Consulting, +Steady Demand,, +Socialize Me.

#marktraphagen   #ericenge   #dustinwstout   #benfisher   #andrijharasewych   #googleplushangoutsonair   #socialmediamarketingtips
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Great Content Does Not Have an Expiry Date
Do not forget about all the original content you've worked so hard to create. With a little effort it is possible to re-purpose old content and create:

1. a newsletter
2. a slideshare presentation
3. a PDF report
4. an infographic
5. a collection of descriptive images
6. an e-book
7. a podcast
8. a webinar
9. a guest post - revised with a new headline
10. helpful tips that can be shared individually

Learn about more great ways to re-use old content, without the danger of incurring a penalty for duplicate content: by +HowToMakeMyBlog.

h/t: +Marko Saric and +Weal Media.

#contentstrategy   #contentmarketing   #contentmanagement
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I agree, as long as it is not time limited. 
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