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WordPress Tips, Insight & Advice
Using the +WordPress platform to communicate with your audience is time and cost efficient.

Join us June 14th, 2015 for an insightful discussion about how to get the most value from your WordPress investment.

#wordpress   #blogging   #websitedevelopment   #wordpresstips   #discussion
Although Wordpress is not the only platform for blogging, it seems to be the most popular which also means the most problematic.

Lets talk about ways to make your blogging experience better on Wordpress.  Bring your questions for our panel.

+Kristoffer Howes founder and CEO of Weal Media, an industry-leading content marketing agency and PR firm. Search, social media and brand strategist, devoted father, loving husband and author of Get an A+ on G+: Making the Grade on Google+.

+Dustin W. Stout  Chief Marketing Officer of Weal Media, Web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie. 

+Carolyn Capern Content Writer, Blogger, Social Media Strategist and  partner at CT Social

+Greg Trujillo  co-owner of an Interactive Digital Marketing Agency, Web Development, Lead Developer, Social Media Strategist, Analysts, 

Sunday June 14th @
3 pm PT/ 4 pm MT/ 5 pm CT /6 pm ET / 11 pm UK

If you miss the live event watch it at your convenience on YouTube   Subscribe so you don't miss any of the content!

#VBlogCon15   #askchefdennis   #Wordpress  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Chef Dennis Littley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Let's Talk about Wordpress - The Third Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference
Sun, June 14, 6:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Hit By The Phantom 2 Update? Here is How to Fix it
Having made its debut almost 2 years ago in April of 2013, the Phantom 2 update had far more purpose than its earlier predecessor. Quite simply, this time it was more intently focused on how your content affects the user experience. More so even than earlier Panda updates.

This post shares 3 strategies to correct the content marketing mistakes in your webpages, and avoid a Phantom attack.
3 Reasons Google Phantom Will Attack Your Content

What was the primary focus of Google’s Phantom attack? Webpages with poor content that provide a very poor user experience.

Reason 1: Shallow Content.

Reason 2: Supplementary Content.

Reason 3: User-Generated Content.

How do you avoid incurring any penalty and/or lost performance as the result of a past or future Phantom update from Google? Implement these 3 strategies to improve your content marketing efforts:

Look for BONUS insight from +John Mueller too!

#googleupdate   #phantom   #contentmarketing   #solutions
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Real-World Examples of How-to Succeed on Pinterest
This week's #WealChat  was about learning from people and brands that have succeeded on Pinterest.

Look for great tips and insight from +Cynthia Sanchez+Jeff Sieh and more!

#pinterestmarketing   #pinteresttips
Identifying Pinterest Strategies That Really Work

With Pinterest demonstrating great value for businesses, brands and consumers, it is important for marketers to adopt the right strategy for communicating with their audience on the platform.

This week's #WealChat was focused on identifying the Pinterest strategies that really work well for individuals and brands.

Learn more: 
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Twitter Chat Strategy & Tactical Guide
This is a collection of the actionable planning steps and tools we use every week to produce and promote Twitter chats for ourselves and our clients.

In this post, +Weal Media's CMO +Dustin W. Stout has included all the necessary details and broken them down into easy-to-follow steps:

STEP 1: Planning

STEP 2: Landing Page

STEP 3: Connect with Your Target Audience

STEP 4: Promote, Promote, Promote

STEP 5: Scheduling Your Questions

STEP 6: Game Time

STEP 7: Follow Up

STEP 8: Rinse & Repeat


#twittermarketing   #chat   #brand   #strategy   #branding   #twittertips

Learn more about #wealchat  here:
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Kristoffer Howes

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Does Social Media Affect Search Results?

In a little less than an hour we'll be releasing a new study we've been doing on the affect of social media on SEO. Before we do, we'd love to see what your thoughts are!

The new study will be published at 1pm ET at:
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Yes, significantly
Yes, slightly
No, not at all
Not sure
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Thank you +Jaana Nyström. :) It was a burning question I felt compelled to answer. I am certain we all expected it (to a degree) but in the absence of proof it was all speculation.
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Kristoffer Howes

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I never lose. Either I WIN, or I LEARN.

#positivethinking   #nevergiveup   #neverquit   #learning
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Possibly not the best visual to use with that text in light of last night's train crash that killed people.
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Kristoffer Howes

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Snapchat Makes It Easier to Gain Followers

Every person on Snapchat now has his or her very own "ghost." The "ghost" sits in the middle of a yellow box, which has several black dots. The new dots are individual QR codes.

Here is the exciting part: This means, that users (brands and businesses) can now take screenshots of their "ghost," post it on social media and ask people to follow them. It also means that users can easily find brands on Snapchat and add them from anywhere their ghost is posted.

Learn more from +Cynthia Johnson on +Search Engine Journal

#TheSMGirl   #snapchat   #marketingtips   #qrcode   #marketing
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Bring back Pac-Man.
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Kristoffer Howes

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WOW! Spring/Summer means a lot of work. 15 flower beds around the house ... 100 bags of mulch so far.

#flowers #summer #gardening #landscaping
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Looks beautiful!!!!!! I especially like the beds near the pavers. Great job!
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Kristoffer Howes

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3rd Annual Bloggers Conference June 12-14th, 2015
+Weal Media is REALLY excited to be a part of the upcoming 3rd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference.

+Dustin W. Stout, +Wade Harman and I invite you to review the list of topics and presenters for this amazing event, and we really hope you will find the time to meet us there.

#bloggingtips   #blogger   #conference   #events
Mark Your Calendars for the Third Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference

Events will be posted over the next few days with invitations sent out automatically to those that are following +Ask Chef Dennis Productions and will be available for replay on my new YouTube Channel:

#VBlogCon15   #askchefdennis   #bloggingtips   #conference  
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Very excited!
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Kristoffer Howes

Social Media  - 
Social Media Improves Search. Here's Your PROOF
The results of my 30 day research to determine if routine use of social media improved search results.

#google   #searchengine   #socialmedia   #casestudy
PROOF Social Media Improves Search Results

After 30 days of research and recording, this data suggests that social media improves search results!

Over a period of 14 days, Weal Media’s proprietary posting method was used to make predefined contributions to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr and Pinterest. With the help of +Moz *Pro* (and Google Analytics) to monitor and record search rankings/incoming links, as well as +Social Warfare to monitor and record social shares, here is the data that was collected

#googlesearch   #socialmedia   #influence   #searchenginemarketing   #casestudy   #research
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Kristoffer Howes

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A Study to Determine if Social Improves Search

Does posting routinely in social media improve your search results?

Contrary to Google’s statements on social signals, there have been a number of industry leaders who are of the opinion that social media has a degree of influence on search results.

With contradicting opinions, who should marketers believe?

Given that some time has passed since an in-depth social signals study has been conducted, and considering Google’s new relationship with Twitter, I felt compelled to revisit the subject and determine if social signals have any influence on search results now.

Watch the +Weal Media blog for the release of my social-search research study at 1pm EST/11am PST.

#socialmedia   #searchengine   #research   #googlesearch   #study
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This is gonna sound bad. I already know this. But if posting here didn't up our position in the SERPs, I wouldn't do it.

Not on any other SM, only g+. And we show up in the #1 position of page 1 on Google for each of the primary products we sell.

We don't even have a blog. It's just a website and g+. And our industry is very competitive.

Just sayin' ...
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Kristoffer Howes

Social Media  - 
HOW TO: Adopt a Visual Strategy in Social Media
Understanding the psychology behind adopting a "visual" strategy in social media is VERY important.

Properly introducing imagery can help you communicate a deeper, more meaningful message to your audience.

In this post, +Wade Harman, +Weal Media's CCO shares his research and insight about:

1) visual perception
2) why a picture is worth a thousand words
3) how to choose the best image
4) the power of visual communication

Also, Wade includes a great collection of visual resources, including a contribution from our CMO +Dustin W. Stout!

#visualcontent   #visualmarketing   #contentmarketing
The Psychology of Visuals

It's a visual marketing world we live in. Social media has evolved so clearly and it's ever changing. One of the things that has changed is the way we promote our images to the social platforms.

One thing that will never change is the way people react and respond to these images. There is a certain psychological value that you have to remember when creating a visual marketing strategy.

Take a look to see what you can be doing to further implement a strong social media visual strategy.

#visualpsychology #socialmediamarketing
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Interesting article by +Wade Harman 
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Dream it. Believe it. Plan it. Achieve it.
I am the founder and CEO of Weal Media, an industry-leading content marketing agency and PR firm. I am a search, social media and brand strategist, devoted father, loving husband and author of Get an A+ on G+: Making the Grade on Google+.
Through the implementation of my ethical marketing, promotion and optimization strategies, I have established and maintained Weal Media’s positive brand and corporate image in the global online marketplace. As a further result of my ongoing efforts, Weal Media has emerged as an International leader in:

International successes have helped Weal Media build a widely recognized brand, and a reputation for being both knowledgeable, professional and a provider of timely results. If you would like to hear some of my ideas about how we can improve your marketing results, schedule a meeting with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bragging rights
Author of Get an A+ on G+: Making the Grade on Google+ [2014]
public relations, social media marketing, search engine marketing, reputation management
  • Weal Media
    CEO, 2005 - present
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(844) 224-WEAL ext. 801
Weal Media Corporation 90 Park Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10016
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