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Friday Dance Party - Dustin vs. Kris
My buddy, co-worker and all-around awesome guy +Dustin W. Stout challenged me to a dance-off ... Here is my response ...

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Transform Boring Details Into Compelling Blog Topics
Use this process to identify the “ingredients” in your products or services that can be transformed into compelling topics. Then, use those details to provide a foundation for blog/article topics that will captivate your audience, inspire them, and provide deeper insight and appreciation.

#contentcreation   #strategy   #howto
Recipe For Creating Great Content is Easy as 1-2-3
The key to easily identifying a compelling blog or article topic, and conveying an inspiring message, rests in your ability to recognize details.

To help you to identify these finer points, and develop compelling content for your audience, this post will, in 3 easy-to-follow steps, explain how to:

Step 1: Choose a Subject
Step 2: Identify Topics
Step 3: Deliver the Message

Use this process to identify the ingredients in your products or services that can be transformed into compelling topics. Then, use those details as the foundation for blog/article topics that will captivate your audience, inspire them, and provide deeper insight and appreciation.

#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #contentmarketingstrategy
Literally, I see content everywhere. You can too. The key to easily identifying a compelling blog or article topic and conveying an inspiring message to your audience, rests in your ability to recognize intriguing details. Taking the time to reflect on what embodies people and things, will provide greater insight about – and a deeper appreciation for, what makes them admirable. …
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Appreciate that! I've no doubt you can offer some very valuable insights in all sorts of areas. I've just followed you on Twitter too and I'll definitely let you know when something comes up  :)
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Rethink Your HOA Invite Circle & Hangout Strategy
Here is some incentive for you to rethink your invite circle and Hangout strategy:

1) More Engagement
2) More People WANT To Come To Your Show
3) Less Likely To Be Listed As Spam

In this post, +Wade Harman explains how to curate your list of HOA guests and build a community around your live show.

#hangoutsonair   #marketingstrategy   #invitations   #googleplustips
Are You Making This Mistake With Your Google Hangouts Show?
Start growing your audience on a deeper level

Our Chief Communications Officer makes a strong confession here. He can talk about this mistake because he's made it. And now he's seen the light.

If you want to grow a strong relationship with your audience through Hangouts On Air, always remember to respect your audience and never spam their inboxes.

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Looking Forward to Meeting You There!
At 3pm EST +Dustin W. Stout, +Wade Harman and I will converge on Twitter for the first-ever #WealChat .

Today's discussion is about using live social media events for you business.

Questions include:

Q1: What are the best channels for Live social media events?

Q2: What are examples of big brands using live social media events?

Q3: What live social media events are best for small/medium businesses?

Q4: What are examples of SMBs using live #SocialMedia events?

Q5: What investment is needed to plan/launch a live  social media event?

Q6: How can SMBs promote their own live social media event?

Q7: Can you recommend people to follow to learn more about live social media events?

#wealquicktips   #twitterchat   #events
Join Us Today for the FIRST EVER #WealChat  at 3pm ET
We'll be talking about LIVE social media events!

One of the best ways I've seen to grow your influence, build new relationships, and have fun at the same time is through live social media events

- Twitter chats
- Periscope / Meerkats
- Hangouts On Air
- Live Chats

Those are just a handful of the opportunities to grow your network online with live events. 

Today our first ever #WealChat  will be all about this subject. We're not doing the typical "attract an influencer to answer the comments" thing. We want all of you to be the influencers and the experts giving your opinions and thoughts. 

We'll then be wrapping it all up into a summary blog post with the best of the best answers highlighted! 

Will you be joining us at 3pm ET / 12pm PT?

Twitter chat info:
OFFICIAL HOST:@WealMedia on Twitter
SPECIAL GUEST: You. Leave your Twitter handle in the comments below! 

#twitterchat   #socialmedia  
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Is Yahoo Ready to Battle Google in Mobile Search?
These screenshots appear to be a NEW user interface for Yahoo's mobile search engine.

According to reports, the Yahoo-Microsoft deal does not include mobile search, and as such Yahoo could stop using Bing on mobile search and continue its desktop deal with Microsoft.

A couple weeks ago, a person who claims to have been working in Yahoo's search division until recently told us that, under Mayer, Yahoo built its own mobile search engine. This source said that Yahoo was testing it with 15% of its mobile users. - Business Insider

Also: There has been a lot of speculation that Marissa Mayer is planning to out-bid Google for the right to be the default search engine in the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads.

Search is an important part of Yahoo's business and we're always experimenting and looking to improve the experience for our users. We have nothing to announce at this time. - Yahoo Spokesperson

Learn more from +Nicholas Carlson on +Business Insider.

(ping: +Joshua Berg+Eric Enge, +Mark Traphagen +Rand Fishkin +Cyrus Shepard)

#yahoo   #mobilesearch   #comingsoon
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+Kristoffer Howes The two big challenges are crawling infrastructure and data.  Google has by far the  largest crawling infrastructure, and Bing is 2nd.  Without this, it will be hard for Yahoo to catch up.

However, that is not the most important problem.  Data is.  Data on what users like and don't like is the key factor that drives search quality, robustness, and depth.  My opinion is that Google's lead here may well be insurmountable.
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Happy Easter from the lobby of +Fairmont le Château Montebello​. :-)

#Montebello #Quebec #Easter2015
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Of course!
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NEW: Buy, Pledge, Get Involved Buttons on Tumblr
When a Tumblr post links to a website like Kickstarter or Etsy, either a Buy, Pledge, or Get Involved button will appear at the bottom of the post.

ALSO: If the item can be purchased, the price will appear on the button.

Note: The button appears at the top RH side when reviewing posts in the Tumblr dashboard, as illustrated in the pic below.

#tumblr   #ecommerce   #marketingstrategy
Tumblr Adds Buy, Pledge, and Get Involved Buttons
When a Tumblr post links to a site like Etsy, Artsy, Kickstarter, or, a Buy, Pledge, or Get Involved button will appear at the bottom.

Also, If the post links to something that can be purchased, like an item on Etsy, then the Buy link will also include the item's price.

For the moment, the new buttons only appear on Tumblr's mobile apps.

Learn more:,2817,2479226,00.asp on +PCMag.

FACT: Tumblr is expected to have an estimated 19.1 million users by the end of 2015.

#tumblr   #buynow   #ecommerce   #update   #kickstarter   #etsy
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It is my pleasure +Simon Green. :-) Thank you for the kind words.
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Maddyssen's 5 Principles of Great Client Relationships
My daughter Maddyssen exercises my customer service skills daily, and in doing so, teaches me the fundamentals of maintaining strong client relationships.

Maddyssen is my 5 year old daughter. Aside from carrying the title of Daddy's Little Girl, she reigns over our household as Princess Rose Petal. Although at times Her Highness can be incorrigible, she provides a daily means of exercising my customer service skills, and in doing so, she has helped me learn the fundamentals of building and maintaining strong client relationships.

1. She must feel like she's always no. 1. Actions speak louder than words. A picture is worth a thousand words. Sounds to me like words account for very little. Simply telling Maddyssen how important she is to me will not suffice. Whether it be Tea on Sunday afternoon, watching My Little Pony or picking out that perfect Princess dress (for Tea on Sunday), it is important that I make her feel important and that I appreciate the relationship we have; all the time.

2. Everything must be explained. It is not enough to tell Maddyssen that it is important to eat her vegetables or brush her teeth. All she knows it that she does not like it. Similar to businesses and their view on social media/Internet marketing, it is important for Maddyssen to completely understand the long-term benefits, before she will recognize the value in it; and agree.

3. Promises must be delivered. The only thing that can be more impatient than a 5 year old Princess, is an anxious client. Keeping your word as a parent is equally as important as keeping your word as a business owner. As an aside, we all experience unfortunate circumstance which can delay or prohibit us from delivering on a promise. If this is the case, Maddyssen accepts apologies accompanied by a carefully worded explanation, closely guided by Principle #2 - Everything Must be Explained.

4. No [bad] surprises. As I said above, we all experience unfortunate circumstances. Whether it be Murphy's Law or The Law of Attraction, the sun can't shine forever. If  Maddyssen expects me to buy the new bike she loves at [insert discount store], then the only surprise Her Highness is expecting, is the delivery of the bike. If when I go to purchase the bike it has been sold, refer to Principle #3 - Promises MUST be Delivered. If I should happen to incur an addition cost or hardship purchasing it elsewhere, Maddyssen (and your clients) expect that agreements will be honored and that your word holds value.

5. Expect your duties to change from day to day. As Maddyssen grows, I expect her needs will as well. Much like your clients, as Maddyssen grows up and matures, the things she depends upon me for will change and our relationship will evolve. It is important that we prepare for, and embrace change.

The fact of the matter is that, like I value my relationship with Maddyssen, you must value your relationship with your clients. The relationship that you build and maintain with them has to bring real value to their life, or you certainly cannot expect it to bring value to yours.

#customersatisfaction   #customerexperience   #customercare
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Good points all - and a reminder about why I'm glad to be done with raising my 5 :-)
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How to: Use and Promote LIVE Social Media Events
The #wealchat  Twitter chat delivered great insight on how to utilize live social media events, like:

> podcasts,
> G+ hangouts,
> Twitter chat,
> Reddit AMAs,
> Meerkat, and
> Periscope,

to deliver a message that costs very little to produce.

#socialmediamarketing   #live   #events
In case you missed it, here's the recap of #WealChat 001: Live Social Media Events
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HOW TO: Be The Best Twitter Chat Host/Guest
Twitter chats offer a valuable networking opportunity. This post offers insight into how to organize and participate in Twitter chats.

#twittermarketing   #twittertips   #eventplanning
HOW TO: Host, Participate & Excel at Twitter Chats
Live social media events like Twitter chats offer a valuable networking opportunity that can help you establish authority and build new relationships.

This post includes insightful information about how you can:

1. Be The Twitter Chat Host With The Most
2. Be The Best Twitter Chat Guest
3. Pave The Road to Twitter Chat Success

AND, the MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice ...

#twitterchat   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips

We invite you to join +Dustin W. Stout, +Wade Harman and +Kristoffer Howes for #wealchat , Monday's from 3:00 pm until 4:00 pm EST on Twitter. ;)
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+Denver Prophit Jr. For Twitter chats I always use desktop-- Tweetdeck for Mac actually. But throughout the day I am mostly using the Twitter iOS app for regular activity. 
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Get an Honest, Straightforward Opinion From your Audience
Social Media makes it possible to conduct market research with an audience that is many times larger than nearly any other marketing or media source. Moreover, the unintrusive nature and easy access of social media also helps to promote user interaction, engagement and participation. This approach improves the likelihood of collecting useful, accurate and genuine information from your efforts.

#socialmediastrategy   #listening   #opportunities   #customerservice
Social Listening is Ideal For Market Research

Do you want to collect the honest, straightforward opinion of your consumer audience?

Nurturing and monitoring online interactions has proven to provide valuable insight and uncover hidden opportunities.

#listening   #socialmediastrategy   #insights   #opportunities
Social media listening is already replacing some traditional market research. Marketers say research like surveys will be significantly less important by 2020.
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3 Ways Social Engagement CAN Improve Search Results

Applying the principles of the Indirect Causation theory introduced in this article, there are 3 possible beneficial actions that the audience can take on a Google+ post to increase the number of +1s it receives. Given the principles of the Indirect Causation theory, this could work in partnership to cumulatively contribute to improving Google search rankings.


1) The +1 Increases Post Exposure And The Chances Your Webpage Will be Visited (Traffic)

2) Re-shares Increase Post Visibility And (Possibly) The Number of Do-Follow Links

3) Google+ Post Comments Signal Audience Engagement

Also, look for great tips and insight from +Mark Traphagen in this article. ;-)

#socialmedia   #engagement   #websitetraffic   #googlesearch
How +1s Can Indirectly Cause Search Results to Improve

There have been many discussions, debates and speculation about whether or not social signals can influence search engine ranking. When it comes to Google+, there seems to be particular interest in how the +1 button may or may not cause a boost in SEO.

We've sorted through all the conversations and boiled it down to a (somewhat) simple and (hopefully) understandable breakdown of the impact of +1s on search results.

Read in full here:

With the unpredictability of personalized search, we will never exactly how much influence your circles and +1s have on Google search results. So at the end of the day take all of this as informed speculation and opinion. Still good fun to investigate though!

#seo #googleplustips #marketing
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The theory should also hold for shares and engagement on Twitter, Facebook and other channels, though not to the level of the +1 (after all this is Google).  
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Basic Information
Other names
The Wolf, Weal Media
Dream it. Believe it. Plan it. Achieve it.
I am the founder and CEO of Weal Media, an industry-leading content marketing agency and PR firm. I am a search, social media and brand strategist, devoted father, loving husband and author of Get an A+ on G+: Making the Grade on Google+.
Through the implementation of my ethical marketing, promotion and optimization strategies, I have established and maintained Weal Media’s positive brand and corporate image in the global online marketplace. As a further result of my ongoing efforts, Weal Media has emerged as an International leader in:

International successes have helped Weal Media build a widely recognized brand, and a reputation for being both knowledgeable, professional and a provider of timely results. If you would like to hear some of my ideas about how we can improve your marketing results, schedule a meeting with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bragging rights
Author of Get an A+ on G+: Making the Grade on Google+ [2014]
public relations, social media marketing, search engine marketing, reputation management
  • Weal Media
    CEO, 2005 - present
Contact Information
(844) 224-WEAL ext. 801
Weal Media Corporation 90 Park Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10016
Head Office Canada 251 Laurier Ave, West Suite 900 Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1P 5J6
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