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Dream it. Believe it. Plan it. Achieve it.
Dream it. Believe it. Plan it. Achieve it.


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My NEW Content Marketing eBook - Produce Quality Content Everyday Without Struggling - is available NOW. Download your FREE copy here ->

If you're are a business owner, non-profit organization, or professional, Produce Quality Content Everyday Without Struggling will help you identify which types of marketing content are BEST for you, and which social networks are most effective in communicating your marketing message. It doesn't end there! This Content Marketing eBook shares proven strategies that will get you the most exposure and the greatest engagement.

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Generating leads for your business is a challenge. Generating QUALITY LEADS is even more challenging. This article shares simple strategies to attract quality leads, and move the consumer from prospect to customer, quickly and efficiently .

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Five Sources of FREE Website Traffic
You need a constant flow of traffic to your website. This article identifies which forms of marketing content are most effective in sending FREE TRAFFIC to your SMB or non-profit website.

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Your understanding of the consumer journey decides whether your marketing efforts are a success or a failure

This article explains how to perform a customer experience audit that gets you into the mindset of your customers. It provides a deeper understanding of their pain points, their motivations, and how they make purchasing decisions. It also identifies how to engage with consumers, when to engage with them, and across what channels to engage.

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Do you want more engagement with consumers? This article details three extremely effective ways to increase engagement between consumers and your brand.

You can look forward to detailed strategies that will help you:

1. participate
2. monitor and respond
3. foster community

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Products and services that maintain a high level of brand awareness will generate more revenue and command a greater market share.

This article explains how to use search, social media, and email marketing to increase brand awareness among your target audience.

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When these four marketing content types are used in partnership they deliver a powerful marketing message that will inspire audience members to perform an important action, like buy, contact, or subscribe.

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Regardless of your position on the h1 tag as a ranking factor, it is clear that Google's search algorithm views the h1 tag with some degree of importance.

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If you focus your SEO and content marketing efforts on satisfying the five ranking signals listed in this article, you will improve SERP placement and increase exposure in search results, GUARANTEED.

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Knowing users’ search intent is essential to creating pages that drive organic traffic. – Anna Crowe, Search Engine Journal

First identified in 2002 by Andrei Broder, there are three types of search intent: information, navigation, and purchase.

1) Information Intent - In these instances, people have a specific question they want answered, or have a desire to learn more about a particular topic.

2) Navigational Intent - People with this intent are already familiar with the company and are trying to get to a specific business website, product, or service.

3) Purchase Intent - The key to optimizing for a searcher’s intent to purchase, is to make it completely clear how the user can convert, and what the conversion will mean for them. Also, try to keep the conversion process as short as possible.

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