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philosopher, entrepreneur and a tech wizard
philosopher, entrepreneur and a tech wizard


BIGBANK is looking for a skilled Senior Test Engineer to spearhead our company-wide testing policies and toolset. We are also looking for at least two Technical Analysts who are able to think outside the box and are passionate about web and database-driven business services.

We are offering plenty of challenges within agile development process and interesting opportunities for a career in the company of likeminded adventurers.

Please share to anyone who might be interested - and if you're reading this and might be interested yourself, let me know!

Two positive reviews for Wave Framework in February from the developer blogging community. "I would strongly recommended this framework. It takes time to get used to but it delivers and it is doing it fast." at and "Much more powerful." (referring to other micro-frameworks) at

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Interesting read, even though I do not agree with all the points. Article also includes some good links to other opinions.

Using a framework does not help your code today - it helps your code tomorrow. #philosophy #programming #php

Is it just me, or are the faces that show up on Google Analytics home page really in-your-face and creepy? #Google #Analytics

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Toyota is often mentioned for its Toyota Production System - a system that guarantees quality and efficient design and testing process and is a precursor to 'Lean' manufacturing and development. A lot of software companies aspire to this approach, but how does it affect integrity of Lean methodology now that the process - that Lean is based on - is a failure of these very principles?

#Toyota   #Lean  

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One of the notable features in the upcoming 3.8.0 will be an improvement to dynamic image loading (and the internal WWW_Imager class). Not only is it better protected against possible malicious attacks, but it will also allow you to do fancy things like adding rounded corners to an image on the fly. This allows you to easily create nice avatars for user-uploaded images without ever having to worry about editing the avatar pictures yourself. Take a look at the example at:

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It's really rare for Ars Technica to be so off-target in their apparent sensationalist headline. Android is an open source operating system. Google apps are not open source - because Google is not a charity company offering free applications. They are a business.

Android is and always will be an open source operating system and Google has no 'iron grip' on Android itself. It has, however, iron grip over its own ecosystem and applications that are built on Android, but which are not part of Android itself.

It really is that simple, Ars.

#ArsTechnica   #Google   #Android  

Is anyone else bothered by the faulty anti-alias/blur the letter L in Google logo in the newer versions of Google Chrome? #Chrome

The biggest secret BitDefender does not want you to know (posts that say this are removed from their forums) is that the only thing you need to get around their so-called 'anti-theft' computer locking feature is just to boot your system with a USB and repair Windows. And everything will be back to the way it was. My brother could do it. And he is 10.

Good job BitDefender. Good job.

#BitDefender    #security   #epicfail  
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