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Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara
This is a great mascara for adding lengths but unfortunately does not
work well with my asian straight lashes. It does not hold curl (probably
because it is not waterproof) so my lashes will droop after
application. Curling after applying is actually oka...

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Etude House Curl Fix Mascara Review
I'm always on the hunt for new mascaras that work well with my stubborn straight lashes. Etude House's Curl Fix mascara is now a new favourite of mine! The brush is smaller than most wands and is curved. I love the small brush design - it gives you more con...

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Recent Korean Skincare Faves
Summer has officially arrived! It's the best time of year climate wise for Vancouver. With that being said, it can get quite dry as well. My skin is already on the dry side to begin with so even in the summer I focus heavily on moisturizing! After cleansing...

Post has attachment Glenview Round Glasses
Round shaped glasses have been trending for a while now and I've always wanted to see if they worked for my (also round) face shape! was very kind to have sent me a pair for review recently. If you haven't already heard of them from my blog,...

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Stylenanda 3CE Mood Recipe Matte #115 Muss
While I was in Korea in March, Stylenanda was one of my must go-to shops. Their make up collection, 3CE has been a long time favourite of mine. Their Mood Recipe Matte Lipsticks were all the hype and I decided to pick one up to try in the shade #115 Muss . ...

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Clio Nudism Water Grip Cushion #2 Lingerie
Clio released a new their new Nudism Water Grip Cushion while I was in Korea two months ago and there was a special promo set where it came with a free refill. As you might know, Clio cushions are well known for having high coverage. However, this Nudism cu...

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Bamboo Mi Underwear - Sunna Character HK
If you haven't tried bamboo charcoal clothing garments, you're missing out! Bamboo Mi underwear by Sunna Character HK is a pantie like no other! It is made of 37% bamboo charcoal nylon, 55% spandex and 8% polyamide.  What is Bamboo charcoal? It is an eco-fr...

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Etude House Lip Rich Vivid Tint BR401
Starting off the lip product review streak with this lip tint from Etude House! This is a gorgeous brick red tint with an orange toned base. I picked this up during my visit in Korea earlier in March. I had my eyes on this lip tint line since it released!  ...

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[REVIEW] Ezn Pudding Hair Color Smokey Ash Beige 6.12
Having success with the previous pudding hair color dye in Ash Khaki, I decided to pick up a new color while I was at Olive Young in Korea! You can get this online from either eBay or Gmarket and locally at most Asian supermarkets (I've seen them at T&T or ...
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