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Ouch, only 72%. The physics questions did me in. I simply do not remember all those equations (force equals mass times volume? dunno).
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I didn't do much better: 78% . I got some of the astronomy questions wrong (re. the solar system). It was fun, though..although painfully slow to get through the way it was designed. Some boredom set in...
96% both because I was careless (I realized my mistake just after I hit the radio button).
I'm a physicist, microbiologist, astronomer, and high school science teacher. I'd better get a score like that.
My husband got 94%. He is a software architect... and also a show-off. ;-)
The question of whether the theorist or the experimentalist/observer should get credit for a scientific discovery is always a hot topic of debate.
Not really, I know the science, it's the bureacracy and classroom management that do me in.
I got 3 wrong, but the test said I had them all right... till I got to the end, when it told me I had 0 correct, 50 wrong. Maybe it would count better if I had let it set a cookie or two?

It is also one of the worst online quizzes I've ever done. Was there really any need for two pages per question? One page with all the questions, followed by one with the scores and the answers would have been far simpler.
I've taken CS quizzes before and they are tedious and could be structured much better.
AHH the interface!!! just let me take the test and THEN grade it. and better yet, have more than one question on the page. I have to click through 100 pages to do this?
+Dan Soper I agree about the clunkiness of the quiz. Plus, there was some spinny video thing on the right-hand side that was really obnoxious (and somehow didn't get eliminated by my AdBlock).
GHHHAAAA! Went through the whole thing just to have it tell me I answered 0 questions right! Forgot I have third party cookies disabled T_T
That was a little difficult, but I did get 28 of out 50 correct.
Nice quiz, irritating format. Takes 2 clicks for each question. Why wouldn't they just plot all the questions on a single page :(
That was fun. I got a 72% also. Most of it I knew from teaching 4th and 5th grade science for many years.
only 39/50... the math and physics ones really tripped me up.
Fnet = ma
you can derive the rest of it from that.
I'm scientifically minded enough to know that you don't have to force two page refreshes on me for every question. 2/2 right.. extrapolation says I'd get 100% plus my time to do better things than wait for page loads.
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