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If you were in Leiden, which is crammed with cool Museums... why would you want to go to Amsterdam? 
Because no one told me that Leiden was so cool!  I wanted to visit the ethnology museum too, even though about half of it is closed, but I didn't have time.  So now I'm in Amsterdam, got lost in the Vondelpark for a while, and am tired.  Gonna hit up the super-cheap Indonesian restaurant around the corner and hope it's delicious.  Tomorrow... Anne Frank house, maybe?  Begijnhof?  I dunno.
Oh poo, the museum isn't open on Monday.  Tomorrow's the only full day I have (since my flight is late Tuesday morning).
Dang! Well at least you get to enjoy some traditional dutch weather ;-)
The Anne Frank house is of course impressive, especially if you've read the book/seen the movie.
There's still quite a few of buildings to see that are older than the US, and then there's the ever-popular which may be more thanatouristic.
I've actually been to the torture museum.  And totally forgot until you mentioned it.  Also, I think I went to the sex museum.  Anyway, it was 13 years ago...

I'm just enjoying the traditional Dutch roomboter stroopkoeken - whatever they're made from, they're fantastic. :)
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