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Do you want your posts to be plused, commented and shared?
Do you want to engage your circles and maximize your posts' reach?

Then add this #Engagers   circle of great people ready to share their thoughts with you and make your profile active with quality posts.

Thanks to +Visnja Zeljeznjak for the suggestion!

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I find it to be high-praise to be included with such a great group of people!  Thank you, +Kristina Bogovic!
thank you very much for including me +Kristina Bogovic ... i'm honoured that you think i belong in a circle with all those great plussers ... ;-) ...
+Kristina Bogovic Thanks for including me and I see I’m in great company! I don’t feel very engaging at all at the end of a long week……TGIF!
+Kristina Bogovic you're right • more than a few of these Plussers I've had the pleasure of getting to know and share quality stuff. Thx for the inclusion. I like when that happens • Neil
Wow, I've missed that one. Thx, although I'm still not sure about this circles sharing. :)
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