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Have the courage to sail away from your safe harbors. Catch the wind in your hair. Enjoy every moment. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Have the courage to sail away from your safe harbors. Catch the wind in your hair. Enjoy every moment. Explore. Dream. Discover.

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Hey everyone! Please join me LIVE at 10 am EST today for my show that promises to give you hope and inspiration and a whole new outlook on life.

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Hi everyone! Here is the recording of my interview with Katherine Woodward Thomas, the National Bestselling Author of Conscious Uncoupling. If you are in a relationship that is struggling, this interview will provide so much guidance for navigating the road ahead using her groundbreaking approach. Enjoy and please share your comments with me.

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Hi everyone. My radio show at 10 AM EST today is all about love and relationships. I'll be sharing the #1 secret ingredient for long-term relationship success and 10 tips for longevity. I hope you can join me.

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Today I will be talking about vulnerability at 10 AM EST on my radio show. I will explain Brene Brown's beliefs how vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and our struggle of worthiness but also also the birthplace of joy, creativity, love and our sense of belonging. I will help you embrace this beautiful space and free yourself from deep pain so you can get on your path to living your most fulfilling and abundant life. Please join me.

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HEY BWGers...please join meat 10 AM EST on my show about Memoir Writing and Your Life's Story with +Nic Strack +Jenn Sutkowski +Casey Erin Wood +Cindy Allen and +Sara Alvarado is going to be amazing! If you can't make it you can listen to the recording via my host page on VoiceAmerica. Sending love and appreciation for your support!

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Please join me Monday at 10 AM EST to learn how to find balance in your life when our lengthy to do tasks have us feeling overwhelmed and living on autopilot. My guest is the world's top expert in time management and it will be an episode full of practical tips to get you living life with less stress and more fulfillment. 

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Please join me on Monday, October 12th at 10AM EST for my radio show, Intentional Living, on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment Channel.

One week ago, I had the amazing opportunity of attending Linda Sivertsen's writing retreat in Carmel, CA with 5 of the most brilliant writers I've ever met. The experience was magical. Over the course of the week, I experienced my own personal transformation through the discussions we shared about our stories. I left with the confidence of knowing I am a talented writer with a book that will help so many people. And, in one session with Linda, I was able to create my query letter with her laser-focused expertise and targeted feedback. I am beyond grateful. Linda is a rare gift to this world with exceptional talents but more importantly, a warm and beautiful personal demeanor that makes you feel comfortable going to the inner depths of your soul and exploring the vulnerabilities that can make the most impact when revealed to the world in our writing. If anyone is contemplating the Carmel retreat, I highly recommend it for all these reasons. It is a gift that just keeps on giving.

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I wrote this poem this morning while reflecting on what love means to me.

What is Love?

Love is gentle; it whispers in hushed tones.
Love takes time to grow; it is slow and ever present.
Love begins with friendship, trust and compatibility.
Love ends with friendship, trust and compatibility.
Love never varies. It is constant like a strong rhythmic melody.
Love fills your heart with warmth and comfort like an old blanket.
Love beckons you to wrap yourself in all of its glory.
Love allows you to feel safe, sheltered and secure.

Love never feels uncomfortable or strained.
Love never renders you to feel unworthy.
Love is unconditional and accepting, never critical or hateful.
Love is laughter; it awakens the child within us.
Love is light and uplifting. Love lets our spirit soar.
Love is never painful, like a wound that never heals.
Love is the elixir that mends a broken heart.
Love is pure and beautiful. It is heaven here on earth.

Love is infinite; it knows no end.
Love knows no barrier; it permeates through obstacles.
Love is strong and relentless, never unsure or uncertain.
Love is in charge of our emotions and protects us from injury.
Love is the warm ocean breeze that pacifies our fears.
Love takes our hand and guides us through the journey.
Love is forever and when it is yours,
You will embrace it and never let it go.
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