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Dear people who encounter my corner of the Plusverse,

If a stranger walked into your house uninvited, shouted obscenities, threw things about, and left (or worse, got into an argument with other strangers who also showed up), you would probably not take kindly to it.

It's likewise unsettling to have someone you've never interacted with post a comment on G+ with lots of UPPERCASE and profanities, without so much as an acknowledgment that there is a person who posted that thing causing so much ire.

If you come onto one of my posts, guns blazing, expect to be blocked. Because you're being rude. And my portion of the Plusverse is not a democracy. I block people who are unable or unwilling to engage in civil discourse. This means I will not tolerate people attacking one another, making prejudiced comments, etc.

TL;DR -- don't be a dick. 
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Yeah, swearing, all caps - or just having an opinion you don't like. Be honest. - Kristin Moran (Béibhinn Mhodartha) - Google+
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The genius of the heddle bar is in the way it moves alternative warp threads up from the work allowing the weave to build at a much quicker pace.
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"...compatible with Windows" was my favorite.
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Informative, but also utterly precious.

This is a prime example of play and education not being separate. Thank you!
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Excellent video by +Abby Franquemont​
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It is truly beautiful in its original language. 😉
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Free to download
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Many thanks
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The Hjertefølger family is thriving in the Arctic Circle in their 3-story cob house surrounded by a geodesic dome dubbed the Nature House.
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this is amazing!
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Beautiful dress.
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I make a lot of public posts. I reserve the right to block people who engage in abusive language, or who tick me off. This is not a matter of censorship, I am not a government entity preventing you from speaking in a public space. This is a matter of active curation. If you don't like it, you can keep your comments to other spaces in the Plusverse and across the internet. It's a big place, I promise.
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