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Dear people who encounter my corner of the Plusverse,

If a stranger walked into your house uninvited, shouted obscenities, threw things about, and left (or worse, got into an argument with other strangers who also showed up), you would probably not take kindly to it.

It's likewise unsettling to have someone you've never interacted with post a comment on G+ with lots of UPPERCASE and profanities, without so much as an acknowledgment that there is a person who posted that thing causing so much ire.

If you come onto one of my posts, guns blazing, expect to be blocked. Because you're being rude. And my portion of the Plusverse is not a democracy. I block people who are unable or unwilling to engage in civil discourse. This means I will not tolerate people attacking one another, making prejudiced comments, etc.

TL;DR -- don't be a dick. 
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Well said! +Kristin Moran​
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The Only Correct Thing To Say To A Pregnant Woman Ever

Whether it's your best friend who is pregnant and you know she's due in two weeks to a stranger on street, there is only one correct thing to say to a pregnant lady. That is, "How are you doing?"

Why? Because everything else is going to get you in trouble.

1) Anything about her appearance is going to get you in trouble and risk making her feel like shit. Don't comment on her weight gain, her lack of weight gain, how she's carrying, what your guess is about the gender based on how she's carrying, ANYTHING. Because first of all unless you know she's pregnant, any comment - even a positive one - about pregnancy might land on someone who is just overweight and really does not need this shit today, or maybe she's delivered already, or maybe she had a fucking miscarriage and doesn't need to be poked about her pregnancy body that she feels failed her right now.

And even if she is pregnant and everything is going fine, nobody wants to hear about how they're "glowing" (ie, sweaty), how ready they look for motherhood, or any other judgement you're making. Even if you think you're being nice, you're talking about loaded words in a society that slings lookism judgement at women all the time and extra so when they're pregnant.

So ZIP IT about appearances.

2) Anything about her due date once again risks what if she's not actually pregnant, what if she's just miscarried, what if she's fucking exhausted and can't wait for her due date and is just trying to put it out of her mind. You don't know, so shut up.

3) Anything about parenting is horrible to say. You don't warn her about the bad parts or try to delight her about the good parts. Again, if she's actually pregnant, she's thinking all that stuff already and doesn't need you to say it to her. Unsolicited advice is one of the worst things about being pregnant and even if you don't mean something to sound like advice, it all sounds like advice. Don't say what you did, don't say what your sister's best friend's former roommate did, don't talk about that study you just read about, just DON'T.

Remember, this is just like street harassment or microaggressions or the myriad other ways people have of piling crap onto other people, because just like with that crap, it's not just you saying this shit. That lady is getting that crap CONSTANTLY FROM EVERYONE. So you might think it's oh so terribly cute to remind her to sleep now while she still can haha BUT YOU ARE THE FIFTEENTH PERSON TO DO THAT TO HER TODAY ALONE AND SHE DIDN'T SLEEP LAST NIGHT BECAUSE EVERY TIME SHE LAYS DOWN THE BABY WAKES UP AND STARTS TRAMPOLINING LIKE ITS AUDITIONING FOR CIRQUE DE FUCKING SOLEIL EXCEPT THAT ONE TIME IT DIDN'T SO SHE LAY AWAKE DOING A KICK COUNT WONDERING IF HER BABY WAS DYING.

So just fucking zip it. Ask her, "How are you doing?" because that's not pregnancy related, so if she's not pregnant you're not offending her, and if she is and she's tired and stressed, maybe you're giving her a rare opportunity to vent in a safe way where she won't feel the constant assault of judgey shit that is thrown at moms from the moment they get pregnant until they die.

If she takes the conversation into other things, cool. But you don't get to.

Be kind. Be understanding. Think about how your words will be received, not just how much you want to say them.

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The stallion kicked out, nostrils flaring. In the ring, it faced off against a 32-year-old former infantryman.
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Highlighting the divisions in the Democratic party this election, Colorado's ballot measure for a universal, single-payer healthcare plan is facing unexpected resistance from the very same party that has been calling for such a healthcare plan since the 1990s.
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Skara Brae is a Neolithic village dating from c.3200-2400 BC. This is a reconstruction of one of the finest buildings, House 7, showing how it may have appeared with a roof.
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I love this! What a great way to add a unique, personalized touch to your clothing!
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I was just looking at Daisy's shirt on AoS last night, wondering how they did that.
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Wow.  Just wow.  So unprofessional, and completely unacceptable!  Whatever it is they're trying to achieve with this requirement, there are better ways to do it!
Some tenants at a Salt Lake City apartment complex are fuming over a new lease agreement that requires tenants to “like” the complex on Facebook.
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Officials said that the damage from a graffiti attack on a veterans memorial in Venice was so extensive that it will take some time to restore the monument.
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Hope they catch the punks and send them for tour in Syria.
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Unlike the vast majority of people offering opinions on the film, original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd has actually seen the new Ghostbusters, and he thinks it’s great. "As originator of the original: Saw test screening...
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I rather like the casting, and once it's out, it will be nice to take a look at the difference in special effects the years have made. I'm willing to look at it as its own creature.
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