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Dear people who encounter my corner of the Plusverse,

If a stranger walked into your house uninvited, shouted obscenities, threw things about, and left (or worse, got into an argument with other strangers who also showed up), you would probably not take kindly to it.

It's likewise unsettling to have someone you've never interacted with post a comment on G+ with lots of UPPERCASE and profanities, without so much as an acknowledgment that there is a person who posted that thing causing so much ire.

If you come onto one of my posts, guns blazing, expect to be blocked. Because you're being rude. And my portion of the Plusverse is not a democracy. I block people who are unable or unwilling to engage in civil discourse. This means I will not tolerate people attacking one another, making prejudiced comments, etc.

TL;DR -- don't be a dick. 
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Well said! +Kristin Moran​
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Faerie Blood and Bone Walker remain at 99 cents each for the ebook editions until 12/1! Spread the word around, won't you? And thanks to all who've done so already!
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Check this out:

Not only do they make socks for big calves, but for every sock purchased they put a sock into a sock bank so homeless shelters can get them for folks who need them!
XPANDASOX®: Socks that stretch to fit 24+ inch calves.
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Once I realized the socks were organized by size (I'm not going to say how many time I walked by the rack without checking), I found a pair that would fit my big feet. I don't knit, so I splurged on these, knit in the Czech Republic. They were on sale today at my LYS for the #ShopSmall event.
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I've made several pair. Some are nicer than others. They don't have the same stretch properties as knit.
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This is what I worked on today at my LYS - Audrey and I hung out all day, worked on projects, chatted with each other and other customers, and even (with the owner's permission) got lunch (from a local restaurant) delivered to the shop.

It was a great way to spend #ShopSmall Saturday, with my yarn friends.

This is a cabled crochet hat I'm working on in #goodforeweyarn #kettlesteps with a D hook.
#holidaygiftmaking #handmadeholiday
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sounds like a great day!
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#ShopSmall at Serendipity Fibers!
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Thank you! No better way to spend today than working on projects, petting yarn, and hanging out with friends.
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quote: One of the myriad differences between the left and the right is this: when a terrorist attack occurs, the left is more than willing to accept and acknowledge that the tragedy is, in fact, terrorism. But when domestic terrorism occurs, the right, which fancies itself as the patriotic smoker-outer of evildoers, scrambles over itself to make as many excuses as possible to downplay the domestic terrorist as anything but. He’s a lone nut, they say. He’s a victim of mental illness. It was because there weren’t any good-guys-with-guns to take out the bad guy. Or my favorite: let’s not even talk about it because the left is just playing politics.

Not only are conservative Republicans actively downplaying (or in some cases applauding) the Black Friday terrorist attack against Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, but for anyone paying attention it’s obvious that the GOP is at least partially responsible for this and other previous attacks against the healthcare provider.
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H/t +Samuel Smith
How To Build A Wood Fired Pizza Oven :

Health Benefits Of Living Off The Grid :

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My friend Joe has one in his back yard. Amazing pizzas. And it stays super hot for hours.
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Found via the #ShopSmall hashtag
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This is why women are nervous about saying "no" to men.
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For all the #NotAllmen  who show up in posts about abuse of women to 'explain' why women are "just as bad as men", & that it's "not fair" that women treat them as though they might be abusive, when they're actually Nice Guys Who Would Never Hurt a Woman™, & that no man would ever lie about being Nice™!
H/T: +A.V. Flox 
After being confronted about sexual jokes made about his female coworkers, 35-year-old employee Bret Raybould cornered project manager Libbie Sabo to explain that he’s “one of the good ones” and she “doesn’t even know everything he does for women” and that she should “watch what she says” since he is “nice”. “He’s really trying to drive his point home,” said Sabo, from between the fridge and the counter. “But to be honest, I don’t care at...
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