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Kristin Drysdale
RiteTag Community Dev. I love conversations of ethics, impact, semantics and search optimization.
RiteTag Community Dev. I love conversations of ethics, impact, semantics and search optimization.

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Copy the voice of anyone, using a voice imitation algorithm

With Lyrebird you'll be able to copy the voice of anyone, design your own voice, and control the emotion - all in real-time.

Sounds intriguing, right?

• What kind of applications would benefit from this kind of technology?
• What kind of ethics issues will these developers run into?
• Is this even legal?

They're looking for:

Processing engineers/researchers: With an expertise in audio signal processing, especially in speech.
Machine Learning researchers: Experience in speech is a big plus.
Top-class software engineers: Experience with GPU backends is a big plus.

#artificialintelligence #machinelearning #speechsynthesis 

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Dinosaurs still exist and the nicely evolved ones let you play with them at *faxZERO. =)

#fax   #smallbusiness #online   

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Sunday Hash Sprinkles

This Remix3D design is lovingly dedicated to +David Amerland and all who partake in the establishing of their identity through our self-selected AWESOME community. <3

Feel free to remix it and share your design with the world. =)

H/t: +Oleg Moskalensky for his awesome hashtags!

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Teach me how to Duggy
#testing #fplusme

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Added photos to Inside the Sniping Mind - a book preview with David Amerland.

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Dear Chris,

If anyone would have asked me years ago if I could imagine we'd be so distant that I'd feel so desperate to post a public message to you just to get to encourage you to follow your heart and be happy - well... I'd have told them they were nuts.

But this is where we're at. And like a message in a bottle, I'm setting this one to sail in the deep ocean of the internet.

We've both been through so much and I can't help but be a little jealous of you for getting remarried first. ;) At the same time - I'm shouting loudly inside screaming "Go boy-eeeee!"

Truly, deeply, I do wish love and happiness for you.

For time and all eternity,
Love from your KD

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Kristin Drysdale commented on a post on Blogger.
SEOs must be active rather than static to understand what drives people to sites, or rather through them as they are no longer the endpoint. As people demand more value - more content they can actually integrate into their lives immediately, marketers must take their research into other physical planes.

In other words: In order to market, we must move.

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Kristin Drysdale commented on a post on Blogger.
Being on the side of "staff" I can really appreciate your insight on this, +David Amerland. It always feels so demeaning, too, when so-called workshops are held to cover issues that us staffers have brought up prior to it becoming an issue with a customer. <sigh>

I guess we each have our part to play, however, I have really appreciated the times when "said leadership" viewed the worker bees in the trenches as company leaders in customer relations. ...There are all kinds of leaders and at many different levels.  

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7 Ways to Really Suck at Representin'

Okay. Alright. The author of this post in +Copy Hackers didn't exactly use this same languaging - but hey! I'm sharing +Henneke Duistermaat's wonderfully wicked smaht ideas in my own voice. ;)-

Here's the basic rundown on her number one and you can follow the link to her original post for way more brilliance...

Way to suck No 1: Let it ALL be about you.

This technique of introducing yourself could work but it's generally not going to. Even when you're checking out some new app or blog and it's NOT just because you feel obliged to do so - you STILL want to know what's in it for you. Well, customers are no different. Extend the same kind of compassion and respect to your site visitors as you do with yourself. Time is precious; cut to the value chase.

If you think about it, it really makes a lot of sense to get right to the heart of what you can offer, but also maybe even indicate what you don't deliver. One of the most powerful concepts I've learned from +David Amerland about developing and protecting trust speaks to this exact idea of letting people know what you don't do. I use this frequently when I'm helping customers with +RiteKit products and it's amazing how it frees us up to talk about what we can accomplish together.

Alright. Done with my part. =)
Here for more→→

#writingtips #copywriting #customers

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